Epping South East Results

Thanks to our Volunteers!

Tony Maycraft, Ray Weekes, Paul Corney, Tom Edelsten, Alan Brett, Helen Hampton, Jakob Petersen, Chris Marshall, John Duffield, Kate Brett, Oliver Brett.

Without our volunteers we would have no event! Thanks you all.

Organisers Comments

Thanks to all of you who came along today – we had projected 50-70 and end up with 113 entries! When you count a lot of juniors running in pairs, close to 150 enjoyed orienteering in Epping Forest today! This was a “new” map. We have used the Stubbles for club training in the past, and the top part of the map overlaps with the part of Epping East which is only ever used for the Black course. There was initially some debate in the Committee about whether it was a viable area before deciding it was fine for a Level D event, but based on the feedback from some of the competitors today, it seemed that you enjoyed it – so a right call!

Lost Property

We have various items of lost property. Email chair@chig.org.uk if you have left something behind. We have a compass that was attached to a White map. A Chronometer. An orange whistle attached to a ribbon with red white and blue colours.

[Provisional] Results

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6.7km 95m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Robert Campbell WAOC M45 49:32
2nd Lars Palmqvist JARFALLA OK M50 52:06
3rd Jonathan Pye WAOC M21 53:26
4th Veselin Iliev CHIG M40 56:59
5th Jon Chandler LOK M45 59:20
6th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M50 59:39
7th George Neville-Jones WAOC M21 61:27
8th Ian Whisson CHIG M55 62:33
9th Duncan Harrison SOS M40 62:44
n/c Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 62:57
10th Mark Collins DFOK M50 63:05
11th Nina Tant SOS W21 63:51
12th Sean Cronin SAX M45 64:47
13th Roger Moulding HH M65 68:23
14th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M60 69:08
15th Alun Roberts WAOC M55 69:14
16th David Hodson HH M50 69:23
17th Gavin Hurley SLOW M35 69:40
18th Nicholas Harrison SOS M18 71:02
19th Jo Reeve SLOW W21 71:26
20th Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 72:32
21st Keith Roberts NOC M50 74:00
22nd= Hugh Hurley SLOW M21 76:01
22nd= Graham Sutton MV M65 76:01
24th Vanessa McMillan HH W21 78:47
25th David Cave-Ayland DFOK M60 79:49
26th Andrew Bennett IND M35 80:24
27th Matthew Belous IND M21 81:35
28th James Redding SOS M21 83:15
29th Barry Breed HH M65 84:00
30th Simon Brockington IND M45 90:52
31st Helen Bickle WAOC W21 91:33
32nd Geoff Goodwin DFOK M60 93:02
33rd Stuart Mills HAVOC M50 101:36
34th James McAlpin SAX M65 112:17



4.6km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Frampton HH M40 36:09
2nd David Dixon HH M40 38:02
3rd John Duffield CHIG M65 39:25
4th Peter Warland SOS M45 39:42
5th Abel Hegedus BEAC M55 43:42
6th Kate Brett CHIG W45 46:49
7th Berit Aslaksen JARFALLA OK W50 46:59
8th Rosa Hampton CHIG W20 48:06
9th John Mills SOS M40 49:53
10th Ann Mills SOS W40 51:01
11th Chris Marshall CHIG M40 52:10
12th Ben Warland SOS M16 52:26
13th Emma Johnson SOS W21 55:48
14th Dale Bennett HAVOC M50 56:00
15th Chris Burgues HAVOC M55 56:04
16th Noreen Ives WAOC W60 56:54
17th David Skinner SOS M65 60:03
18th Sarah Davos IND W40 63:39
19th Janet Biggs HAVOC W60 63:43
20th David Lefevre DFOK M55 64:38
21st Dave Tookey HH M60 65:12
22nd Jane Breed HH W60 70:01
23rd Chris Baker DFOK M80 76:42
24th Philippa Murphy IND W35 77:53
25th Viv Hodson HH W50 86:13
26th Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 90:19
m7-9 Martin Rigby BAOC M55 33:51

Light Green


3.5km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Geoff Pye SOS M55 31:18
2nd Jakob Petersen CHIG M45 39:10
3rd Jacob Stephenson IND M16 40:44
4th Edward Low WAOC M12 40:54
5th Sharon Warland SOS W45 43:21
6th Hamish Kadirkamanathan BRENTWOOD SCHOOL M16 43:40
7th Hayley Collins DFOK W21 44:13
8th Anne Power LOK W80 47:07
9th Matthew Lefevre DFOK M16 47:09
10th StevenCoulter IND M50 47:50
11th Yuan Gong IND W21 55:06
12th Jennifer Taylor CHIG W70 59:20



3.0km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Luke Cooper BRENTWOOD SCHOOL M14 27:15
2nd William Chandler LOK M12 30:49
3rd Lucy Warland SOS W12 32:37
4th Philip Amer IND M50 33:10
5th Matthew Dixon HH M12 35:07
6th Lynne Moulding IND W35 36:14
7th Lucy Carter SUFFOC W35 37:40
8th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 38:25
9th Alban Rigby IND M14 45:21
10th Catriona Kadirkamanathan BRENTWOOD SCHOOL W13 46:26
11th Ben Rigby IND M10 48:09
12th Moira Kadirkamanathan SOS W50 48:37
13th Amanda King HAVOC W40 52:34
14th Kate Baxendale IND W45 53:09
m2 m5-8 Pauline Gullidge IND W60 58:47



2.2km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ben Bailey BARNARDISTON M12 14:04
2nd Hugo Thompson & Alexander Parker BARNARDISTON M12 15:29
3rd Harry Ferguson & Felix Whitehouse BARNARDISTON M12 24:03
4th Craig Carter SUFFOC M10 24:52
5th Cassandra Lefevre DFOK W12 25:31
6th Eleanor Low WAOC W10 26:28
7th Oliver Brett CHIG M14 32:32
8th Charlie & Andrew Dixon HH M10 35:17
9th Emma & Sarah Coulter EDINBURGH PRIMARY W10 42:11
10th Samuel Franklin IND M10 60:39
11th Jacob & Paul Franklin IND M10 61:24



1.4km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Max Woods & Lewis Burn BARNARDISTON M10 10:09
2nd Molly Matthews & Amelia BARNARDISTON W10 10:20
3rd Isobel McGerty BARNARDISTON W10 10:21
4th Will Sepanski & Ben Harvey & Samuel BARNARDISTON M10 10:37
5th Dominick Brown & Sebastien Gurteen BARNARDISTON M10 10:41
6th Ryan Carter SUFFOC M10 13:00
7th Luke Bennett CHURCHFIELDS M10 14:00
8th David Low WAOC M10 21:21
9th George Jobe BARNARDISTON M10 34:14
10th Alistair Brown BARNARDISTON M10 35:12
11th Ben Davis IND M21 40:41
12th Thomas Birshan IND M10 41:46
13th Joshua Birshan IND M10 42:00