What is MapRun

MapRun is a smartphone app that enables you to take part in urban orienteering events on your own, at a time of your choosing. A copy of the map with controls marked is downloaded onto your phone and the app uses GPS to confirm your position at each control. Your start time, finish time and control visits are all recorded automatically in the app. Once you have completed your course you can compare your overall time and splits with others who have completed the course. All you need is your phone, but we recommend also having a hardcopy of the course map.

Getting started

  1. Download and install the MapRun app from the Android or iPhone App Store (Note as at March 2021 the latest version is MapRun6)
  2. Register your details via the Name button
  3. Choose your event via the Select Event button. Click on UK, and for CHIG events scroll down to the London North East folder
  4. Your selected event is then displayed on the Home screen
  5. Print off a hardcopy of the map from the relevant Club’s website (CHIG maps are available from the link at the foot of this page). That is all the preparation you need.

Ready to tun

  1. You do not need a mobile signal, data or wi-fi access to compete
  2. When you are close to the event start location, open MapRun and click Go to Start. Your screen will then display the event map, which you can zoom and scroll as required. When you are ready to commence your run, approach the Start location and your phone will beep to confirm that the clock has started!
  3. When you are close enough (typically 5 to 10 metres) to each Control, your phone will beep to register your visit
  4. When you reach the Finish your phone will beep again and the clock will stop

After the event

  1. When you have a wi-fi or mobile connection, MapRun will upload your results automatically
  2. To see your results, click Show Results


You are responsible for your own safety. You must take particular care when crossing roads and approaching other people. Be polite at all times and maintain the appropriate social distance. You take part at your own risk and neither CHIG nor British Orienteering are liable for any damage or injury sustained during your participation.

Further details

Further details about MapRun can be found on the MapRun website or at the ‘Virtual Orienteering’ page on the British Orienteering website.

Details of different club MapRun events can be found on the British Orienteering  activities page.

Or alternatively these are available geographically at