SWELL (South West Essex Local League)

CHIG and HAVOC organise the South West Essex Local League (SWELL) which runs between September and May. There are eight league events, with the the final individual standings calculated on your best five events.
At SWELL events there are always courses suitable for beginners and juniors as well as the more experienced orienteer. Entry fees are typically £5 for adults (£2 extra if you are not a member of a club) and £2 for juniors. All events normally use electronic punching (SI). There will be an additional charge of £1 to hire an electronic punching “dibber” if you do not own one. Each league event has 5 courses. If you are new to the sport, you can start with the beginners courses of about 3 kilometres (white and yellow), and when you get more confident, you can move up to the intermediate courses of about 4 kilometres (orange and light green). In addition, there is a longer course of about 5 kilometres (blue), aimed at experienced orienteers.

Season Standings

Point Scoring Rules

  1. Juniors score up to 100 points according to finishing position on White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green courses.
  2. Juniors running down a course score 50% points, 2 courses 25% points, etc.
  3. Juniors competing as a pair each score 50% points; juniors score 10 points if with an adult.
  4. Adults on White to Red courses score up to 50 points according to finishing position.
  5. Adults on Green, Blue and Brown courses score up to 100 points according to finishing position.
  6. Disqualified competitors score 10 points.
  7. Adult league takes into account points scored on all courses.
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