Main Duties

The Secretary of the Club is one of three nominated Officers, the others being the Chairman and the Treasurer, elected annually at the AGM.

1. Determine with the CHIG Committee the date, venue and agenda for Annual General Meeting (AGM) and issue to the members timely notice of, and agenda for, the meeting in accordance with the Constitution.

2. Take minutes of AGM, obtain approval of them from CHIG Committee and publish them, for final approval at the next AGM.

3. Notify British Orienteering and the South East Orienteering Association of CHIG Officers appointed at AGMs and otherwise as necessary.

4. Issue timely notice of dates, venues and agendas for CHIG Committee meetings.

5. Take minutes of CHIG Committee meetings, issue them to Committee members and obtain minuted approval of them from the CHIG Committee. (Note: This can also be delegated to the Minutes Secretary, where appointed).

6. Communicate and respond to enquiries by mail, email and telephone on behalf of CHIG, and report to CHIG Committee, or officers, as necessary.

7. Maintain archive of the minutes of CHIG AGMs and Committee meetings and produce them as required.

8. Before 1st November each year submit an Annual Return to British Orienteering National Office listing for the following year or part thereof: the annual British Orienteering affiliation fee, names and contact details for the club’s officers, CHIG membership fees for the following year, copy of the CHIG constitution and the Minutes of the latest AGM.

9. In the absence of the Chairman, deputise and chair Committee Meetings.

10. Ensure, with the Chairman, that meetings and club affairs are conducted in accordance with accepted business practice and the Constitution of the Club.

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