Are your Scouts interested in obtaining the Orienteering Activity Badge?

Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club run orienteering events in local forests and parks which may help your scouts achieve their orienteering activity badges.

These upcoming events include:

Each event is recognised by BOF and thus counts towards the activity badge.

There are other events in the area hosted by HAVOC (Havering) including the following:

Please contact us if you would like some introductory coaching on the morning of these events, or if you were planning to bring a large group (so that we can ensure we have enough maps for you). We may also be able to support you in other ways, such as in putting on an inter-troop competition.

Other Activities

As introductory events, you may find our club training sessions (monthly) or the permanent orienteering courses as helpful starting points.

We also occasionally hold “score” type events, typically on Saturday mornings with everyone starting at 11:15. There is a 45 minute time limit during which competitors must try and locate as many of the 25 orienteering flags as possible. Competitors may participate individually but it may be better for many cub/scout participants to take part in pairs. Typically events are based beside a cafe (if parents wish to wait) with toilets and parking available. Entry fees are kept as low as possible at £1 to cover the cost of printing maps.

If the dates of the events above do not work for your troop or if you would prefer one of the “score” type events, please let us know if there is a particular time of year that is suitable and we shall consider this when arranging orienteering fixtures.

Club Contact

Tony Maycraft, Chairman