The 2021 Central Line virtual StreetO series

We are delighted to announce the return of CHIG’s Central Line StreetO series, now in virtual form! As with previous editions of the series, events will start and finish in the vicinity of a Central Line underground station, (just outside each station in the case of this year’s series). However, instead of competitors answering multiple choice questions at each control location, we will now be using the MapRun app, which automatically detects when you reach a control, and you will be able to complete courses at any point before the end of the series on 31 July 2021.

What is it?

A series of virtual street orienteering events using a score orienteering format, in which you have 60 minutes to score as many points as possible by visiting checkpoints or controls marked on the map. Can you work out the optimal route around an area while on the move and avoid time penalties for taking over an hour?

Where are the events held?

Each event will start and finish outside the area’s Central Line station (our previously organised StreetO events used pubs near each station as their venues and we hope to return to this format in the none too distant future). We currently have five events on offer, in Bethnal Green, Loughton, Wanstead, Woodford and Leyton, and will release more over the coming months.

When can I do these events?

Each event will be available to complete at any time up until the series closes at 23:59 on 31 July 2021. Our Bethnal Green, Loughton, Wanstead, Woodford and Leyton events are now live and we hope to launch more over the coming months, with competitors’ points from their best four events contributing to their position in the 2021 Central Line Virtual StreetO Series.

Who can take part

The activity is free and open to anyone although all competitors take part at their own risk. Please ensure that you follow the latest government guidance with respect to COVID-19 at all times, including this paragraph relating to permitted travel: Under current England-wide guidance, exercise “should be limited to once a day, and you should not travel outside your local area”.

How does it work?

  1. Download and print a copy of the event map (see link next to each event name on the right hand side of this page). NB. You can view the event map on your phone via the MapRun app but we recommend using a printed copy of the map.
  2. Ensure you have MapRun installed on your phone – see the CHIG guide. Then search for the event under Select Event > UK > London North-East > Central Line StreetO 2021
  3. When you are at the start location and ready to start the event, press “Go To Start” on the app. It will then automatically recognise once you are at the start and your event timer will start. Each time you reach a control, the app will beep and / or buzz to indicate that you have successfully reached the checkpoint location. Get as many points as possible within 60 minutes and then return to the start location, where the app will automatically stop your time and upload your results. Please note that you do not need an internet connection for the app to work – it instead uses GPS for checkpoint location – so you can set your phone to airplane mode for the duration of the event before re-enabling data to upload your results.

Event scoring

You will gain points by visiting controls based on the first digit of each control number, e.g., controls 10, 11, 12, etc., are worth 10 points, 20, 21, etc., are worth 20 points, etc. Each event will have ten 10 point controls, ten 20 point controls, ten 30 point controls, one 40 point control and one 50 point control (apart from Loughton, which has two 40 point controls and no 50 point controls). This gives a total possible score of 690, while you will lose 20 points for every minute or part thereof that you take over 60 minutes.

Series scoring

The leading woman and man in each event (highest score, and shortest time in the event of tied scores) will each score 100 points, the second placed competitors 99 points, etc., with the best five scope contributing to your series position. There will also be a handicap competition so there should be chance for people of all ages to be competitive. The series champions will be announced on 1 August 2021. Below are links to interim results.

  • Loughton – click here for results
  • Wanstead – click here for results
  • Bethnal Green – click here for results
  • Woodford – click here for results
  • Leyton – click here for results
  • Leytonstone – click here for results

Event and series results

With the championships based on competitors’ best 4 results from the 6 events, Andrea Waller’s 3 victories were enough to give her a 4-point lead over Jayne Browne in the Women’s competition. Things were similarly close in the Men’s competition, with 8 points separating the top 3 competitors. However, thanks to wins on the Bethal Green, Leyton and Leytonstone course, CHIG’s Adam Dent managed to secure the top spot from Keith Bennett. Congratulations to Andrea and Adam!

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