North London Street Orienteering League: Stratford Results


Results for the event are now published. Updated league tables to follow shortly.

SLOW runners filled the first three positions at this month’s event in Stratford.  Rob Patterson scored 670 out of a possible 690 points, just edging out Matthias Mahr who scored 660. Third place went to Ian Griffiths.

First female was Elaine Battson (LOK) with 460 points, ahead of Helle Beattie with 440. Alex Gale (IND) was third with 340.

In the handicap, first place went to John Duffield (CHIG) with Elaine Battson second and Tom Edelston (CHIG) third.

Organisers Comments

Thanks to everyone for attending on a cold night. At least most of the snow had gone!
I hope you all enjoyed running round on what was the first map I have ever planned. I’ve learned a lot by doing it and realised some things I’ve missed for next time. There was some detail missing from the OpenStreepMap base data that led to some confusion on a couple of controls. We marked those leniently where it was clear what had happened. Hopefully this didn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment.
I’ll check the OpenStreetMap data in more detail, earlier, in future.
Thanks to John for helping me organise and to Alan for helping with the scoring on the night.

I took pictures of all the controls and you can see them on Picasa here.

Try the Course

If you missed the event and would like to give it a go in your own time, the map and question sheet are available for download in PDF format.