SWELL – Final League Standings 2010

The final standings for 2009-10 SWELL have been announced. CHIGs juniors were well represented in the final league tables. Congratulations to Oliver Brett (CHIG, M10) for winning the White course!
On Yellow, Lachlan Haigh (M10) finished 2nd with Jocelyn Brett (W12) 3rd. Alex and Marcus Blowers (M12 and M10) finished 6th and 7th respectively with Owen Haigh (M10) in 8th.
On Orange, Dylan Campbell (M12) finished 4th.

On the adult courses, Julie Warwick Mundy (W50) was the leading female on Light Green, coming 3rd overall. Chris Marshall won the Green course (M35), John Duffield finished 3rd on Blue and Robert Campbell (M40) won Brown.

The SWELL League Champions for the adult courses (Light Green to Brown) are Mick Smith (HH) and Geraldine Russell (SOS) for the women.. Chris Marshall was the leading CHIG in 3rd with Alan Brett 8th and Robert Campbell 10th.

South & West Essex Local Orienteering League (SWELL) 2009-2010 Final Table

SWELL 2009-10 Standings [XLS file]
SWELL league winners table 2005-10 [XLS file]

SWELL Point Scoring Rules:

1. Juniors score up to 100 points according to finishing position on White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green courses.
2. Juniors running down a course score 50% points, 2 courses 25% points, etc.
3. Juniors competing as a pair each score 50% points; juniors score 10 points if with an adult.
4. Adults on White to Red courses score up to 50 points according to finishing position.
5. Adults on Green, Blue and Brown courses score up to 100 points according to finishing position.
6. Disqualified competitors score 10 points.
7. Adult league takes into account points scored on all courses.
8. The adult league combined scores are shown on this spreadsheet below the Brown course.