Results: Saturday Parks League – Fairlop Waters


Although our volunteers got most of the controls out before the rain and collected them in after the rain, a heavy downpour greeted competitors for the duration of the 45 minute score event. It didn’t deter two competitors from visiting all 25 controls, and Douglas McTurk (HAVOC) edged out Russell Peters (CHIG) for victory by finding all controls in the quickest time.

We welcomed two new CHIG members to their first event since taking out membership – John McLoughlin and Virginia Davis. For the five members of the Trait family it was a first time orienteering and they returned having located 14 controls.

The final event in the series will be at Valentines Park on 14 December – the first event to be held on a brand new map! League winners will be announced afterwards. Russell Peters now leads the standings in the race for the inaugural Saturday Parks League title.

Thanks to our Volunteers

Tony Maycraft (event setup, putting out & collecting controls), Alan Brett (planner, organiser), Ray Weekes (registration), Russell Peters (collecting controls) and Josh Jenner (control & course checking).