Southern Championships 2012 – Entry on the Day

There may be some limited entry on the day for Championship courses, subject to the availability of maps.

Colour-coded (non-championship) courses are also available: Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White.

Print out your entry form – PDF

Reserve a Map

If you wish to guarantee a map for a colour coded entry on the day (“EOD”), CHIG will operate a map reservation system. We have operated this previously for our normal Level C & D events. We will guarantee the map until 30 minutes before the last start time. EOD entry fees for these colour coded courses (L Green, Orange, Yellow, White) will be £10 adult, £6 junior. We will try to arrange for an “express” lane for those who have reserved maps in advance.

If you are entering and want to guarantee a “colour-coded” EOD map for a junior or less competitive member of your household or traveling party, email Please include the competitor name, age class, BOF number (if relevant), SI card number or hire and a contact number. It would be helpful if you would identify any Championship entry, so that we can identify if there are late starts in your traveling party (and thus would hold your map till the very end).