Captain’s Blog – November/December 2008

SE Score Championships

Unfortunately we couldn’t manage a repeat of recent years’ excellent form. With a disappointing turnout – only 11 CHIGs, compared with 20 last year – we came 7th out of 12 clubs. I suspect the low turnout was the biggest factor, though the more complicated rules may have caught some of us out, but certainly not Mark and Kostya who both had excellent runs – see Notable Performances below. I didn’t plan my changeover point (from part A to B) very well and the late penalty was possibly the harshest I’ve come across – maybe I was making the most of what was probably my last race for a while…

New Baby Green

Lydia Rachel was born on 18th December and is doing very well. I’m currently taking advantage of a rare moment (on Boxing Day) when all three of the rest of the family are asleep! Sleep is now a rare commodity once more and while I know things will settle down eventually, at the moment it’s hard to imagine finding the time to go training let alone orienteering!

British Relay Championships

The 2009 BROC are being held at Beaulieu in the New Forest on Sunday 1st March and early entries qualify for reduced fees. If you would like to run in a team, please let me know as soon as possible by email on the address at the top, or telephone on 020 3245 1112. The deadline for the cheapest rates of £12 per senior is 11th January, which rises to £13 by 25th January with the final deadline (at £15) being 7th February.

Notable Performances

SN Trophy, Long Valley, 28th Dec

  • Tim Pribul 1st M55S
  • Tom Edelsten 1st M65L
  • Robin Campbell 2nd M70L
  • Ros West 2nd W60S
  • Jennifer Taylor 3rd W65L
  • Ruby Campbell 2nd W70L

Mitre – Broxbourne, 23rd Nov

  • Emma Blowers 3rd Light Green
  • Owen Haigh 2nd JM2
  • Jeff Green 1st M40L
  • Tim Pribul 3rd M45S (running up)
  • Robin Campbell 2nd M70L
  • Rosa Hampton 1st JW3
  • Alice Campbell 3rd JW5S
  • Helen Hampton 3rd W45S
  • Alison Curtis 3rd W50S
  • Carol Pearce 1st W60L (by 15mins!)
  • Ruby Campbell 3rd W70L

SO Regional – Broadstone Warren, 30th Nov

  • Peter Cheetham 3rd M50S
  • Tom Edelsten 2nd M65L
  • Ros West 1st W60S

SE Score Champs – Northaw Wood, 14th Dec

  • Mark Ford 5th Long Score
  • Kostya Lutsenko 7th Long Score

out of 120+ competitors.