SE Middle Championships 2019 – Medal Winners

M10                 1st –     Jake Bennett               DFOK

2nd       Theo Marsden             HH


W10                1st        Anna Maria Yane       SLOW

2nd       Cerys Mitchell             HH

3rd        Niamh Mitchell           HH


M12                 1st        Vadim Pesenti DFOK

2nd       Luke Bennett              DFOK

3rd        Rebora Matteo            SLOW


W12                1st        Alice Soulsby              HH


M14                 1st        Austin Howe               SAX

2nd       Charlie Dixon             HH


W14                1st        Maggie Soulsby          HH


M16                 1st        Alexander Fielding     HH

2nd       Tommy Heap              SO

3rd        Maxime Pesenti          DFOK


W16                1st        Hannah Freeman         HH

2nd       Scarlett Heap              SO

3rd        Tegan Frampton          HH


M18                 1st        Adam Conway            GO

2nd       Matthew Dixon           HH


W18                1st        Ffion Jones                  SO


M20-40           1st        Paul Couldridge          SLOW

2nd       Edward Catmur          SLOW

3rd        Tim Beale                   SN


W20-40           1st        Rebecca dal Bon         SLOW

2nd       Sian Mitchell               HH

3rd        Alison Howe               SAX


M45-50           1st        Kevin Fielding            HH

2nd       David Dixon               HH

3rd        Zlatko Peev                 SLOW


W45-50           1st        Lulu Williams              SLOW

2nd       Dorte Torpe Hansen   SLOW

3rd        Julia Jarvis                   SO



M55-60           1st        Neil Crickmore           SO

2nd       Chris Hooker              SO

3rd        Simon Errington         HH


W55-60           1st        Helen Errington          HH

2nd       Janet Rosen                 HH

3rd        Susan Crickmore         SO


M65-75           1st        Robin Smith                SO

2nd       Martin Locke              GO

3rd        Alan Williamson         SO


W65-75           1st        Sue Hooper                 HH

2nd       Frances Goldingay      HH


M80                 1st        Jeremy Oldershaw      SAX



Congratulations to all above. If you have not yet received your medal, please check with your club colleague as most were collected on the day.

However for any GO or SAX medal winners, please contact me directly, as I will arrange to post them to you.


Ray Curtis