Captain’s Blog – July 2007

Future CHIG Member

Firstly, apologies for the slight delay in this month’s blog. I blame it mainly on the arrival of baby Edward on 11th July. I’ve hung some orienteering flags around his nursery, so he should get the hang of things before long. Despite some sleep-deprivation, I’m still managing to keep training, though whether I can keep it up once I go back to work remains to be seen.

Straggler’s Relays 1st July

It seems a long time ago now, but with only a few minor revisions, 4 CHIG teams set out to better last year’s 4th place. The planning is always tricky to get right as the course lengths aren’t published until the day itself. So, unless you take a laptop and are prepared to risk making a last minute, panic-induced mistake, it’s best to just trust your original guesswork. All 4 teams got round (once Epping and Blinding had been re-instated) with CHIGago finishing second, only 3 minutes down on the winners (once a WAOC team had been disqualified for mispunching). It’s a shame that only the team’s total time taken is recorded (and published). Times taken for each leg would make post race analysis and preparation for next year’s race much more interesting.

  • CHIGago (Helen Hampton, Tim Pribul, Tom Edelsten, Sally Pribul) 2nd
  • CHIGs Will Fly (Jeff Green, Mark Ford, Jennifer Taylor, Rosa Hampton) 4th
  • CHIGs In Space (George Pribul, Philippa Pribul, Ray Weeks, Harry Loughlin) 9th
  • Epping and Blinding (Thorbjørn Johansen, Josh Jenner, Claire Tansley, Derek Jenner) 13th


We won!

Here are the individual match results:

Round (Map) CHIG HAVOC
Round 1 (Epping North) 62 35
Round 2 (Langdon Hills) 44.5 48
Round 3 (Epping South) 86.5 5.5
Round 4 (Bedford’s Park) 61.5 56
254.5 154.5

Thanks to all the organisers.

Veteran Home International Selections

Congratulations to Carol Pearce on being selected as a reserve for the Veteran Home International in November. It was a big surprise to me that I was also selected as a reserve!

Notable Performances

French 5 Days (overall positions)

  • Ruby Campbell 1st D70 (including 3 individual day wins)
  • Robin Campbell 5th H70