Derek Jenner (1954 – 2020)

It is with great sadness that I have to report that club member…

Permanent Courses & Anytime StreetO

The latest updates to social distancing guidelines for England…

Next Events

Orienteering is resuming and our next events are indicated below.

In addition, some permanent orienteering courses are  open and you can do this in your own time, following social distancing guidelines. Our StreetO courses are also available for you to download and do in your own time.


Warlies Park – 8 Mar

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Leyton Central Line Street-O – 27 Feb

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Woodford Central Line Street-O – 23 Jan


Epping Far East SE Middle Championships / MITRE

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Bethnal Green Central Line Street-O – 28 Nov


Mile End Central Line Street-O – 24 Oct


Birchanger Woods – 20 Oct

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Wanstead Central Line Street-O – 26 Sep