The ‘Michael Brandon’ MITRE – Epping East

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29 September 2013 @ 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Epping East
Debden House Centre
Loughton, Essex IG10 2NZ
See details below.
David Lund

Download the Final Details [PDF] | Start Times Start Times – Sorted By Club then By Surname (as at 28 Sep, all pre-entries)


Competition Details

Level B event with BOF ranking points available. The event is part of the South East League, the South East Galloppen and SWELL.

Map & Terrain

Epping East. 1:10000. Updated summer 2012 (with further minor updates summer 2013) by Tom Edelsten and printed on waterproof paper. A3 size for Black, Brown and Short Brown courses; A4 for all other courses.

Fast, open and undulating deciduous woodland with occasional areas of intricate detail. At the time of writing the small areas of bracken are well below head height and not so dense as to warrant significant diversion. Courses have been planned to avoid the worst areas of bracken.


There will be a full range of courses for Level B events including a Long Orange course for less experienced orienteers.

Course Length (km) Climb Classes Maps Printed Remaining Maps (at 2100 Fri)
Black 11.0 310m  M21 15 9
Brown 9.3 240m  M35, M40 20 12
Short Brown 8.0 220m  M18, M20, M45, M50, W21, M21S 35 8
Blue 6.2 185m  M16, M55, M60, W35, W40, M35S, M40S 65 14
Short Blue 5.1 155m  M65, W18, W20, W45, W50, M18S, M20S, M45S, M50S, W21S 50 10
Green 4.3 125m  M70, W16, W55, W60, M55S, M60S, W35S, W40S 40 9
Short Green   3.7 105m  M75, M80, M85, W65, W70, M65S, W18S, W20S, W45S, W50S, W75, W80, W85, M70S, M75S,  M80S, M85S, W55S, W60S, W65S, W70S 30 5
Light Green   3.7 90m  M14, W14, M16B, W16B 15 9
Long Orange – Long Run 4.7 110m  M21N 15 11
Orange 3.3 50m  M12, W12, M14B, W14B, W21N 15 8
Yellow 2.6 70m  M10, W10, M12B, W12B 15 13
White 2.0 50m  M10B, W10B 15 10
330 118

Long Orange: This course will be technically not too difficult yet longer than the Orange course to  provide for a longer run for adult newcomers/improvers.

Planners Notes:
  • White Course: The planned course is at the upper limit of the recommended distance in order to achieve the necessary technical difficulty. Could parents and those responsible for young children doing this course please ensure that they are aware that it is longer than courses that they may be used to.
  • Yellow Course: Where the conditions in the forest have made paths indistinct, some red and white tape has been used to mark the route along the path.
  • Long Orange: The planned course is shorter than the recommended distance in order to achieve the necessary technical difficulty.

Start times

10:00 to 12:30. Pre-allocated start times will be used – please indicate your preferred start time range when registering.

V Early 10:00-10:30
Early 10:30-11:00
Middle 11:00-11:30
Late 11:30-12:00
V Late 12:00-12:30

Pre-allocated start times are now available:  Start Times – Sorted By Club then By Surname (as at 25 Sep)

Blank maps will also be available to view in the start lanes at -2min.
It will be a punching start.

Courses close at 2:30pm.

Entry Fees

Pre-entry up to closing date (23:59 on Tuesday 24 Sep): Adult £10 (£12 ), Juniors £4.
Entry after 23:59 on Tuesday 24 Sep (via Fabian4) & Entry on the day (last registration 12:00, see map availability above): Adult £12 (£14 non-BOF). Juniors £4.
SI card hire £1 (juniors free).


Online entries through Fabian4 (until Friday evening, see map availability above). There will be a full range of courses for regional events plus a Long Orange course for less experienced orienteers.
Some entry on the day will be available although this may be restricted by map numbers. Download & complete the Event Registration Form [PDF] to save you time on the morning.

Electronic punching

The event will be using the Sportident (‘SI’) system. Dibber hire is available, please indicate when entering.

If a Sportident box appears not to be working, competitors should use the pin punch attached to the control stake to punch their map.

Control descriptions

Control descriptions will be printed on the map – loose waterproof descriptions will also be available in start lanes at -3min.

Pictorial descriptions will be used for all courses, and written descriptions will also be printed on the map for the long orange, orange, yellow and white colour-coded courses.

String Course

There will be a string course provided adjacent to the Assembly field. It will be open from 10.00 am until 12.30, and there will be no charge.

Assembly Area

The Assembly Area will be at Debden House Campsite, Debden Green, Loughton, Essex, IG10 2NZ. Grid reference TQ439982. A mainly grassy area with hard surfaced approach roads, we have been kindly offered use of a number of the camping fields for parking and assembly. It is though, a working campsite.
The forest surrounding the campsite is strictly out of bounds to competitors before the event.


Parking is adjacent to the Assembly Area where you will find some toilets. More toilets and a small café are located at the campsite’s main entrance. Please also abstain from using the forest as this gives orienteering a bad reputation and could make organisation of future events in Epping Forest difficult.

There will be space for club tents. Download and the Finish are also in the Assembly Area. There will be a String Course in the vicinity.


Water will be available in the Assembly Field after downloading.


Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome in the Assembly/Car park fields only. Please clean up after your dog.


Hired SI cards can also be collected at Registration.
Please note that control descriptions will be available in the start lanes only.

Travel Details

Debden House is easily accessible from the Junction 26 of the M25 and will be O signed from the junction of the A121 and A1168 in Loughton with O signs in addition to the permanent brown tourist signs for Debden House. Please follow the signed routes only.

Coaches are welcome but please let the organiser know in advance as there are limits on the size of vehicles entering the campsite.

Public transport

Engineering works are planned for the Central Line on Sunday between Bethnal Green and Loughton. There will be a replacement bus service from Stratford to Loughton – Service C, and between Chingford and Loughton – Service F. At Loughton take the train to Debden and catch the 167 or 20 to Drove Way or Pyrles Lane.

In practice it will be better to catch the 20 bus from Walthamstow Central (Victoria Line) or the 167 from Ilford station – Greater Anglia service from Liverpool Street/Stratford.

There is a 1km walk from Drove Way up Chester Road, turning right into Pyrles Lane, right Into Englands Lane then straight up Debden Road and Debden Green.

Car Parking

Car Parking at Debden House – Please identify yourself as orienteers at the entry to Debden House and follow the Marshals’ instructions. Parking £2.00 per vehicle. You will need to have £2.00 ready for car parking – It would help us greatly if you could bring the correct change.

One way system: The entrance to Debden House is narrow, and departure by orienteers will not be allowed until after 12.00. On leaving the site you will be directed to turn left and leave via Theydon Bois where you can take the B172 to the Wake Arms junction with the A104 and follow the signs to J7 of the M11 or J26 of the M25.


Planner – Tony Maycraft
Controller – Julie and Ronan Cleary (LOK)
Organiser – David Lund e-mail


Competitors take part in this event at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety, but should be aware of the following hazards:

  • Road crossing – there is a manned road crossing for some courses which these competitors will use twice (in opposite directions). The time taken between the 2 controls on either side of the crossing will be deducted from each competitor’s race time, up to a maximum of 2 minutes in each direction. Please obey the marshals’ instructions.
  • Whistles are strongly recommended and cagoules maybe also be required at the discretion of the Organiser. A notice will be displayed at the exit of Assembly on the route to the start. Please bring a cagoule with you to Assembly just in case.
  • Full leg cover MUST be worn (no shorts).

The forest is well used at weekends by dog walkers, horse riders, cyclists and other members of the public. Please be courteous and allow them right of way.

Map notes

No rootstocks or fallen trees are shown, other than where significant areas of slow forest result. Nor are the hundreds of small pits and knolls caused by the roots of wind-blown trees. Ditches beside tracks are generally not shown. Old boundaries (over 0.5m) are shown variously as earth walls or shallow gullies, depending on their appearance. The scale of brown features varies significantly across the area. Although every attempt has been made to maintain uniformity a number of shallow depressions and low knolls (less than 1m) are mapped in parts where they are distinct. There is one special symbol: a black cross X represents a man-made object.