Final Details: SE League & SWELL 2014/15: Epping North West (CHIG)

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23 November 2014 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Epping St Johns School
Bury Lane
Epping, Essex CM16 5HF
See below. Entries via Fabian4
Helen Hampton


“Michael Brandon” Mitre Regional Event

Epping North West

Sunday 23 November 2014

Event Overview

CHIG’s biggest event of the year, named after club founder member Michael Brandon, sees a return to Epping Forest near High Beach. The event offers a technical challenge both for both experienced orienteers as well as newcomers to orienteering with good levels of fitness and stamina looking to stretch themselves. Compete against the top navigators in the Army, Navy, the RAF and the top ranked orienteers in the region on the more technically difficult courses. Other adults and juniors may find the lighter coloured courses as a more suitable introduction to orienteering.

The event serves as the Interservices Championships 2014 as well as one of the rounds of both the SE League and SWELL 2014/15 season.


Up to 9/11/14 BOF Seniors £12: Non BOF Seniors £14; Juniors £4.

From 9/11/14 to 18/11/14 BOF Seniors £14: Non BOF Seniors £16; Juniors £4

Start times will be uploaded on Fabian4 after the closing date of 18 November.

White and Long Orange courses will be available for entry on the day only: see below for entry on the day.


Late Information

Please check the CHIG website for any updates before travelling.

There are now temporary traffic lights for road works at Bell Common on the B1393 just coming into Epping from the south.  On Saturday this was causing delays of 10-15 minutes.

Waterproofs/cagouls:  – You are NOT required to wear a cagoul/waterproof jacket.  The temperature is forecast to be mild for the time of year, though rain is forecast.  There is a Clothing Dump at the Start should you wish to leave your jacket (in a waterproof bag).


Car Parking

Parking will be at Epping St John’s Church of England High School, Bury Lane, Epping CM16 5JB   (Grid Reference: TL451 019)  [N.B. New Site]


Car parking fee = £1, collected at the entrance.  Please have the correct money ready.



From M25: Leave the M25 at Junction 26, signed Epping (A121). After approx 1.5 miles at roundabout, take First exit B1393 signed Epping. Straight on at traffic lights, enter 30mph limit, then turn left at mini roundabout– Bury Lane, signposted B182 Epping Green. After approx 400m turn right into school entrance.

From M11: Leave at Junction 7 signed Epping B1393. Travel through Epping town and past Shell garage. Turn right at O sign on mini-roundabout into Bury Lane. Proceed as above.

Public transport: Epping Underground Central Line station is approx 2km distant.

Head up Station Road to town and turn left along High Street. Pass Shell Garage then turn right before mini roundabout into Lower Bury Lane. School entrance is at end of this road.

 While there are no planned closures on the Central Line on the day of the event, please check your journey before setting off, as there are planned closures on other Tube Lines and on some national rail services.


Event Centre & Facilities

This is at Epping St John’s Church of England High School, Epping, CM16 5JB (N.B. new site).

Toilets are located at the school.  If your shoes are muddy or you have spikes, please leave these at the entrance door. Please do not use the basins for washing shoes or clothing after your run.

Also available at the Event Centre: Entry on the Day, Dibber hire, Download and on-the-day results. There will be facilities to leave your keys safely while you compete.

Ultrasport will be present.


Safety & First Aid

Full leg cover must be worn.   Competitors are recommended to carry whistles for safety.

Waterproofs/cagouls:  – You are NOT required to wear a cagoul/waterproof jacket.  The temperature is forecast to be mild for the time of year, though rain is forecast.  There is a Clothing Dump at the Start should you wish to leave your jacket (in a waterproof bag)

St John’s Ambulance will be in attendance close to the Start/ Finish area; a basic first aid box will be available at Download.

The nearest hospital with A&E facilities is Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, CM20 1QX.  Directions – B1383 through Epping town to M11 junction 7. Take first exit, A414 Harlow, then follow A&E signs. Approximately 8 miles from event centre.


Entry on the Day

Times: Entry on the day (EOD) Registration at the Event Centre:  9.30 – 11.00am.  Long Orange and White are EOD only. There will be limited EOD for other courses, subject to the availability of maps. Please ensure you collect your start slip and hand in at the Start.

EOD  BOF Seniors £15: Non BOF Seniors £17; Juniors £4

EOD White & Long Orange courses:  Seniors £7; Juniors £4.

Starts: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Anyone running on Black will be allocated a Start time between 10:30 – 11:30, to allow them up to 3 hours to complete the course.

Courses close:   2:30 pm     Sorry, no String Course.


Electronic Punching

EPS-SI on all courses. Dibbers will be available for hire (£1 each/Juniors free) at Registration. For those who have pre-booked a hired Dibber, please collect it (and pay for it if necessary) from Registration before catching the bus to the Start.

Should any SI units in the forest fail to function (no bleep or flashing light, or vandalized) there will be a pin-punch nearby. Please punch your map and advise download accordingly.



Please use the toilets at the Event Centre before you catch the shuttle bus.  There are NO toilet facilities at the start/ finish area.

Please do not relieve yourselves in the Forest it is frequently used by the general public. Any transgression of this could jeopardize our future use of Epping Forest.


Start & Finish

Start – Coach service to/ from drop-off point along Epping New Road.  Allow 30 – 40 minutes from St John’s School to the Start once your bus has left.  2 Buses will run at regular intervals from the Event Centre.

Distances – The Start and the Finish are 100m apart; both are 650m down a marked track from coach drop off area.

If you turn up early or arrive late for your Start time you may be permitted to start once a suitable slot becomes available.  If EOD, please hand in your start slip to event officials.


Finish –  There is a punching (dibbing) finish for all competitors. Do not forget to punch! Download is back at Epping St John’s High School, via the shuttle bus.

You must visit Download even if you are retiring.

Please bring your own water/drinks to the event.  There will be NO water at the Finish.
Clothing Dump  –  Clothing may be left at the Start which is passed on the way back from the Finish.



Sorry, no String course available.


Course  Km Climb Scale Description Note
Black 12.1 275m 1:10,000 IOF 1, 2, 5
Brown 9.6 180m 1:10,000 IOF 1, 2, 5
Short Brown 8.7 145m 1:10,000 IOF 1, 2, 5
Blue 7.2 135m 1:10,000 IOF 1, 5
Short Blue 6.1 120m 1:10,000 IOF 1, 5
Green 5.0 95m 1:10,000 IOF 1, 5
Short Green 4.1 80m 1:10,000 IOF 1
Very Short Green 3.0 85m 1:10,000 IOF 1
Light Green 3.7 75m 1:10,000 IOF 1
Long Orange 5.4 100m 1:10,000 IOF & Text 1, 4
Orange 3.1 40m 1:10,000 IOF & Text 4
Yellow 2.1 30m 1:10,000 IOF & Text 3, 4
White 1.9 20m 1:10,000 IOF & Text 3, 4



  1. All courses other than White, Yellow & Orange cross minor roads with light traffic and 20mph or 30mph speed limits. These can be more busy at weekends. The crossings are NOT manned. TAKE CARE CROSSING ALL ROADS. The main road on the SE boundary of the area is strictly out of bounds.       It is marked as such on the overprint.


2. The three longest courses are double sided; they have part 2 of the course printed on the reverse side of part 1.


3. White & Yellow maps will be available to competitors at -3 min box. Both of the two shortest courses have one leg each that is TAPED due to indistinct paths.


4. Loose descriptions will be IOF (pictorial) for Orange and Long Orange courses and Text for White and Yellow. Maps for these four courses have both IOF and Text descriptions printed on them.


5. Long horn cows are currently (2 weeks prior) in a roped area in NE of map. These cows may be moved come the day, but if not this area will be shown on maps within the start lane. You are allowed through and the cows are friendly!


Map Notes    

Maps – 1:10,000, 5m contours, Pre-marked on waterproof paper.  Plastic bags will NOT be provided.

Map revised by Tom Edelsten 2014, 5m Contours.

Recently wind-blown trees are sporadically distributed over the area and generally not mapped but can impede speed. Please take care. Root bowls from windblown are the original basis of many small knolls. These are only mapped if distinct. If fallen tree remains the bowls are not mapped but can be mistaken for small knolls. Small tracks can be very indistinct at this time of year in Epping Forest.

Runability markings are indicative of the average speed of progress through the area. You should not rely on their boundaries for precise navigation.

Control descriptions will be on the map. Loose copies will be available in the start lanes at -3 minutes.  Blank maps will be available for inspection at -2 minutes.


Forest Etiquette

Epping Forest is used and enjoyed by members of the public. Please show them consideration. In particular take care when near horses, and avoid frightening them.


Dogs are permitted in Epping Forest if kept under control.  They will be allowed on the shuttle bus if sitting on the floor (not on a seat) and well behaved.  Please keep your dog on a lead at the Event Centre (any dog mess should be cleared up).


Thanks To the Superintendent of Epping Forest and his staff. Epping Forest is owned by the Corporation of London.  Thanks, also to Epping St John’s School.


These should be made to the Assistant Organizer, preferably in writing, stating the grounds for complaint, and the name of the complainant. Written complaints can be left at Enquiries/Download and will be dealt with by the Organizer, who will give an adjudication on the complaint as soon as possible. If the complainant is not then satisfied, he/she may submit a protest against the decision to the controller. This will be dealt with according to BOF rules. There is no fee for making a complaint or protest.


Organizer: Ray Curtis;

Assistant Organizer: Helen Hampton

Tel: 020 8502 1629   Email:

Planner: Mike Brett

Controller: Hedley Calderbank (Happy Herts)

N.B. You are responsible for your own safety and you take part in this event at your own risk.

Please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events registered with British Orienteering and not joined an orienteering club which is a member of British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance.

All competitors take part in this event at their own risk.