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Wanstead Park & Flats – Officials Reports

Planner There are many natural restrictions in this area to setting challenging courses. In the park the lakes are massive and obvious hand rails which limit the usability of those narrow strips on the map boundaries here. In the open areas those bits of open fast woodland are easily visible and make for simple orientation. The roads do not help either. Then there is the predominance of […]

Michael Brandon Mitre 2009 – Planners Comments

Flyer Online Entry Final Details Results Badge Times Planner’s Comments Organiser’s Report Controller’s Comments Event Feedback Photos At first glance the map looks green and uninviting. One soon realises that the ‘light green’ is merely a reflection on the areas of exceptional visibility and lack of undergrowth in most of the beach forest. So whilst much of […]

Captain’s Blog – August 2009

Summer Events, Multi-Day Internationals and family holidays all done so it is now back into a full itinerary of regular Weekend Orienteering. For the summer I can report that after a good start at the first FROLIC in Claybury Park where we were a close 3rd, CHIG members clearly had other things planned for the […]

Captain’s Blog – June/July 2009

Apologies for the delay in putting fingers to keypad to update the Captain’s Blog. Orienteering has taken a back seat in the Brett’s household since the Easter trip to Newcastle to the JK for a couple of reasons: one good and one bad. The bad first; my long reoccurring injuries are back and so I […]