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Final Club Championship Trophy Decided

Marcus Blowers has won the final trophy of the 2012 Club Championships, winning the Handicap Trophy at yesterday’s Epping South West event. Basically, Marcus ran faster than his average running speed at events held since the previous club championships! Sue Carter is non-competitive because she won the Veteran Women’s Championship. Damian Brennan is non-competitive because […]

World Masters 2012

Before the event Well, WMOC 2012 was in Germany – quite close – and I am in my first year as an M65, so at least I would be younger than most of my rivals, so why not try orienteering abroad for the first time? – so I did (assuming Scotland doesn’t count as abroad, […]

Park Race Series – Wanstead Flats – Thurs 28 Jul 2011

Wanstead Flats, Thursday  28 July 2011 London Park Race Series 2011 Full Park Race series listings at parkrace.org Map and Terrain The map is 1:10,000, 5m contours. The area is open and runnable, with road crossings.  There is no fight – shorts and singlets are an option. Maps will be printed on waterproof paper. Registration […]

ChigChat 144 – February 2002

Editorial | Chairman’s Letter | Puzzle Corner | SE Galoppen | New Chigs on the Block | Training Corner | Handicap Trophy | CompassSport Cup | Puzzle Corner Solution Editorial This CHIGCHAT may seem a bit delayed – this is because I posted the last CHIGCHAT in February, and sat back, content that another task […]