Warlies Park results for 20 March 2022

Organiser’s comments

Big thank you to all of you helping today and for making our event today successful. The competitors that I spoke to had all enjoyed their outings. You all made the organiser’s job super easy.
Well done to Tony for a well planned set of courses making the most of the beautiful rolling parklands, and thanks to Graham for controlling.
Finally how nice to return to Warlies Park House after 2 eventful years – it looked stunning under a largely blue sky and swathed in red and white tapes. !
Planner’s comments
Also a big thank you and well done to Iain for organising for the first time.


6.8km 120m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Harold Wyber CHIG M35 38:48
2nd Rob Patterson SLOW M35 39:12
3rd David Dixon HH M50 40:51
4th Antoine Pesenti DFOK M50 41:02
5th Guy Lidbury HAVOC M50 43:16
6th Kevin Fielding HH M50 43:26
7th Tony Burton MV M55 44:38
8th Roger Gooding SOS M45 44:46
9th Maxime Pesenti DFOK M18 46:42
10th Thomas Blundell DFOK M21 47:31
11th Andrew Evans DFOK M65 48:33
12th Stephen Borrill WAOC M50 49:42
13th Peter Martin SAX M70 51:29
14th Maciej Jablonski WAOC M40 52:08
15th Mike Bennett HH M65 54:15
16th Edward Gillett IND M35 57:29
17th Dorien James SMOC M60 57:31
18th David Float HAVOC M50 57:42
19th Jacob Stevens CHIG M45 58:04
20th Philippa Allen CHIG W40 60:23
21st Adam Dent CHIG M40 60:26
22nd Stuart Hatfield WAOC M40 61:53
23rd James Thornton GO M55 65:34
24th Zbig Gebka HAVOC M60 68:59
25th Tony Harden HH M55 77:16
26th Dale Bennett HAVOC M55 78:50
27th Catherine Galvin LOK W60 87:52


5.2km 95m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Edward Holbrook BOF M21 37:35
2nd Jason Dunning WAOC M45 44:06
3rd Ian Byford HH M60 44:20
4th Gillian Bowers HH W50 47:45
5th Paul Langston HH M65 48:30
6th Barbara Griessner SLOW W50 48:33
7th Hedley Calderbank HH M70 48:46
8th Nicola Trotman HH W55 51:43
9th Allison Page DFOK W50 54:23
10th Mark Thompson TVOC M65 54:47
11th Rob Sibley SAX M65 55:07
12th= Colin Merry DFOK M65 56:05
12th= David Kingdon SAX M70 56:05
14th Sarah Blundell DFOK W60 56:47
15th Colin Jackson HAVOC M60 59:47
16th Jennifer Gebka HAVOC W55 59:50
17th Rosie Merry DFOK W55 60:06
18th Gavin Avey-Hebditch WSX M60 60:23
19th Helen Nisbet SMOC W60 60:42
20th Thomas Elgood CHIG M55 63:43
21st Alan Bowers HH M50 64:45
22nd Beryl Pring SAX W75 65:01
23rd Ros James SMOC W60 70:27
24th Roger Pring SAX M75 74:01
25th Ruth Rhodes SO W80 76:59
26th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M70 79:45
27th John Duffield HH M75 86:46

Short Green

3km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dave Norman CHIG M65 30:29
2nd Tim Pribul CHIG M70 34:48
3rd Anthony Barrable RAFO M75 34:59
4th Anne Power LOK W90 54:00
m9 Hanna Biernacka WAOC W45 26:28

Light Green

4km 80m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Erik Biernacki-Jablonski WAOC M12 29:52
2nd Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M12 35:36
3rd Charlie Dixon HH M18 41:05
4th Sarah Dixon HH W45 54:33
5th Greg Leary CHIG M65 81:36


3.2km 55m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Robert Bogusz IND M55 55:38
2nd Danni Angelova DFOK W55 55:52


1.2km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Amelie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC W10 17:05
m8 Pelican family IND 14:20

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