Epping South East results for 10 October 2021

The full table of results is listed below the Organiser’s Comments.

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Organiser’s Comments

Just to say thank you very much to all our helpers: Tony Maycraft, Ray Weekes, Harold Wyber, Greg Leary, Paul Corney, Iain Ambler, Jennifer Taylor, Monica Maycraft, Annette Norman, Dave Norman.

We were fortunate with the weather as it stayed dry for the bulk of the competitors. Unfortunately the rain shower at the end of the event meant that our banners and control kites need drying out.
We had some favourable comments about the courses, and it being good to get back to a “proper” orienteering event in the woods. And no complaints from competitors about the walk to and from the car parking areas.
From my own point of view it was good to see fellow club members in the flesh again and to catch up.
Once again a big thank you to all of you.



6.4km 65m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Flurry Grierson DEVON M20 33:04
2nd Grey Grierson DEVON M21 36:21
3rd Harold Wyber CHIG M35 45:22
4th Graham Pigott POTOC M40 46:55
5th Guy Lidbury HAVOC M50 47:18
6th Richard Lloyd IND M50 48:33
7th Kath Atkins HOC W40 48:38
8th Georgia Jones LOK W21 48:47
9th Ed Heal BOF M50 48:58
10th Kostya Lutsenko CHIG M45 50:20
11th Jevgenijs Petrovs SLOW M45 50:58
12th Gareth Radcliffe IND M40 51:40
13th Alan Hickling SAX M55 52:10
14th Mark Collins DFOK M60 54:14
15th Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill LOK M21 54:49
16th Gotseva Lyudmila SLOW W50 54:57
17th Kieran Macdonell SLOW M45 56:02
18th Sebastien Flesch HH M50 56:56
19th Alex Owen LOK M45 59:04
20th Michael Hughes IND M50 60:06
21st Robert Atkins HOC M40 60:20
22nd Ian Byford HH M60 60:52
23rd Angel Georgiev SLOW M21 61:15
24th Rachel Collins DFOK W21 61:41
25th Vanessa McMillan HH W35 62:43
26th Iris Lueke SLOW W45 63:24
27th Ffion Bricknell SAX W18 63:27
28th Richard Bostock DFOK M55 63:59
29th Paul Rushmer SMOC M55 64:51
30th Neil Bricknell SAX M50 65:06
31st Clare Lonergan SLOW W40 66:20
32nd Gabriel Cradden SLOW M21 70:04
33rd David Float HAVOC M50 70:33
34th Stu Levene HH M50 72:56
35th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M65 73:22
36th Iain Ambler CHIG M45 73:30
37th Mark Thompson TVOC M65 88:41
m11 Tim Wright IND M50 82:05


4.5km 55m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Tookey HH M65 47:13
2nd Hedley Calderbank HH M70 51:13
3rd Geoff Goodwin DFOK M70 52:25
4th Zbig Gebka HAVOC M60 53:10
5th Tad Nowak HH M40 54:29
6th Keith Banham TVOC M60 54:50
7th Paul Hearn HH M55 58:41
8th Rachel Banham TVOC W21 62:57
9th Thomas Elgood CHIG M55 65:23
10th Rob Sibley SAX M65 65:57
11th Graham Batty HAVOC M60 67:22
12th Kingsley Reavell WAOC M45 67:28
13th Barry Breed HH M75 68:15
14th Sarah Blundell DFOK W55 69:26
15th Colin Jackson HAVOC M60 70:50
16th Toby Tibbitts IND M35 72:45
17th Julie Collins DFOK W60 75:55
18th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M70 78:17
19th Rosie Sibley CHIG W21 78:45
20th Judith Armitt SAX W65 79:16
21st David LeFevre DFOK M60 89:12
22nd Francis Ronnau-Bradbeer DFOK M65 105:05
m13 John Chappell TVOC M70 58:49

Short Green

3.1km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jennifer Gebka HAVOC W55 45:18
2nd Stuart Bates IND M21 66:10
m8 m11-12 Greg Leary CHIG M65 94:44

Light Green

3.9km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jacob Stevens IND M45 33:10
2nd Olivia Radcliffe IND W14 42:01
3rd Vladimir Abrosimov IND M40 46:10
4th Katerina Kiseleva IND W21 46:16
5th Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M12 53:26
6th Alex Kolesnikov IND M40 56:45
7th Elizabeth Disney HH W35 60:48
8th Kate Heal BOF W50 61:02
9th Daniel Ronnau-Bradbeer DFOK M18 65:07
10th Peter Stevens IND M18 66:38


3.4km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel Pigott POTOC M12 43:05
2nd William Reavell WAOC M12 48:53
3rd Isaac Quinsee IND M10 50:42
4th Karen Bricknell SAX W50 68:42
5th Danni Angelova IND W55 85:50
w1 Beatrix Ma IND W10 92:10
w1 Otilie Ma IND W10 92:12
w1 Amy Ma IND W40 92:13


2.3km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Isabelle Reavell WAOC W10 31:59
2nd Alex Lutsenko CHIG M10 34:32


1.2km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Maks Petrovs IND M10 17:15
2nd Antonia Quinsee IND W10 18:28
3rd Jamie Atkins HOC M10 19:26
4th Ada Atkins HOC W10 22:30