Permanent Courses & Anytime StreetO

The latest updates to social distancing guidelines for England now permits the resumption of outdoor sports in England where you take part alone, within a household group, or with one person from outside your household from whom you must stay two metres apart at all times.

British Orienteering have therefore announced the moving to phase 1 of the resumption of orienteering. You may therefore now use our Permanent Orienteering Courses (POCs) and our Street-O Anytime maps, subject to being considerate of members of the public. We ask that you check whether parks are open before setting out, and for the street-o maps to avoid the busiest streets and/or exercise at quieter times.

Permanent Courses: The maps for the permanent orienteering courses at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford are available for free downloading to print at home. The maps for Harlow Town Park’s permanent orienteering courses are also available for free downloading to print at home.

Street-O Anytime: note, construction work may have altered some of these areas since these courses were first planned. Please therefore take note of the date of the map! We have uploaded two maps from the past Street-O season to our StreetO Anytime page, which features some older maps. Over the coming weeks we will continue to add additional maps from past StreetO events for you to download and print at home. (Update, now 9 maps!)