Planner/Mapper’s Notes

A characteristic of this chunk of Walthamstow Forest is a spectrum of paths, stretching from the definite, well-trodden variety, through distinct “indistinct path”, clear linear gaps through the green, ho-hum gaps through the green to come-and-go gaps through the green. To misquote the Prime Minister, Epping means Epping – i.e. lots of holly, arranged in every variety of clumps. When mapping these, after a long dry spell, some guesses had to be made as to how they might appear in November if the fall had started. (Well, a few frosty nights threw the leaf-switch and down they poured, providing a picturesque autumn wonderland of daintily carpeted paths often indistinguishable from the surrounding wood.) So obvious paths were mapped as such and the more substantial hardly-trodden linear gaps shown as white corridors.

The intention was that you could spot short-cuts, and follow them using compass and pacing. To do so at speed requires skill and confidence. Does that sound like a definition of orienteering?! It would have been easier at a larger map-scale, especially for the more mature, but 1:10000 allowed a useful length of this rasher of land to fit on A4. And Hassall and Lucking can be relied upon to provide near-offset sharpness of printing, with the correct colour specifications.

The main aim was that the more technical courses would have a reasonable proportion of route-choice legs in the middle section of the terrain. Please share your route on Route Gadget – however well you think it went!

Thanks to our volunteers – Paul Corney (Organiser), Tom Edelsten (Planner, Mapper), Janet Biggs (HAVOC, Controller), Tony Maycraft, Alan Brett, Harold Wyber, Ray Curtis, Ray Weekes, Thomas Elgood, Adam Dent, Jennifer Taylor, Helen Hampton, James Corney, Alison Curtis, Irene Petersen, Jakob Petersen, Jason Haigh.


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8.13km 80m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Lyne SLOW M21 53:14
2nd Tom Cochrane SLOW M21 59:23
3rd Tim Beale SN M21 59:55
4th Harold Wyber CHIG M21 74:46
5th Edward Stott SLOW M21 77:39
6th Alan Hickling SAX M50 79:02
7th Nina Tant SOS W21 79:59
8th Douglas McTurk HAVOC M21 80:12
9th Mick Smith HH M65 87:17
10th Neil Brooks LOK M55 90:47
11th Mike Bennett HH M60 96:03


6.58km 75m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ruth Holmes SN W21 55:20
2nd Jason Haigh CHIG M45 59:29
3rd David Dawson DFOK M55 61:10
4th Richard Wilkes HAVOC M21 62:37
5th Phil Marsland SLOW M45 63:01
6th David Dixon HH M40 65:49
7th Jerone Pesenti IND M40 68:48
8th Antoine Pesenti DFOK M45 69:19
9th Peter Martin SAX M65 72:54
10th Joanne Hickling SAX W50 74:04
11th Stu Levene HH M45 74:14
12th Graham Sutton MV M65 76:24
13th Andrea Rebora SLOW M45 77:01
14th Sue Carter SLOW W45 78:32
15th Adam Dent CHIG M35 79:43
16th Ian Byrne SMOC M55 82:37
17th Catherine Galvin LOK W45 83:41
18th Rachel Cooper HAVOC W21 85:10
19th John Duffield HH M65 89:21
20th Raffaella Marin SLOW W45 90:34
21st Catherine Slade SAX W40 92:43
22nd Tony Harden HH M50 106:59
23rd Jean Claude Pesenti IND M75 114:12
24th Stewart Mills HAVOC M50 116:01
25th Jakob Petersen CHIG M45 128:33
m4-24 Rebecca Dal Bon SLOW W21 43:14
m20 Andrew Welsh HAVOC M60 75:55
w16 w18 Clive Tant SOS M60 118:34


4.94km 65m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Paul Langston HH M60 57:54
2nd Ian Andrews CHIG M60 59:35
3rd Thomas Elgood CHIG M50 61:36
4th Gillian Hanson HH W45 62:29
5th Mattthew Cochrane SROC M60 64:29
6th Adam Leaf HH M50 64:45
7th Jon Wheatcroft TVOC M60 68:12
8th Keith Bennett DFOK M40 68:24
9th Oscar Ford IND M21 70:52
10th Rob Sibley SAX M60 72:38
11th Dale Bennett HAVOC M50 74:28
12th Tim Dedman CHIG M50 74:34
13th Geoff Goodwin DFOK M65 75:20
14th Christopher Marshall CHIG M40 76:26
15th Michael Hill HAVOC M60 81:30
16th Chris Burgues HAVOC M60 84:10
17th Anders hedin MAIF-OL M65 84:19
18th Jill Cochrane SROC W55 88:53
19th Gavin Avey-Hebditch WSX M55 89:16
20th Irene Petersen CHIG W50 102:06
21st David Lefevre DFOK M55 108:12

Short green

3.5km 50m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Debbie Charlton SMOC W55 61:12
2nd Israel Cola IND M35 73:57
3rd John & Sue Hartley WAOC M60 82:42
4th Heather Andrews CHIG W55 87:46
5th Jennifer Taylor CHIG W70 103:59
m10 Anne Power LOK W80 110:46

Light green

3.62km 55m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Maxime Pesenti DFOK M12 78:38
2nd Simon Bowie-Britton SOS M40 79:41
3rd Matthew Dixon HH M14 85:37
4th Jane Blake CHIG W55 88:07
5th Tony Lee HAVOC M45 101:48
6th Russell Whitehead IND 101:50
7th Luca Magliozzi IND M21 118:57


2.85km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Emma Bowie-Britton SOS W14 34:58
2nd Emma Cochrane SLOW W21 45:18
3rd Jessica Mills SOS W14 52:44
4th Charlie Dixon HH M12 93:31


2.24km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Freya Killilea SOS W12 19:02
2nd Heather Trevelyan SOS W12 21:29
3rd Sarah Prior SOS W12 23:28
4th Janie Horton SOS W12 30:17
5th Theo Williams SOS M12 32:08
6th Jemima Parasram SOS W14 34:46
7th James & Tadhl McCool IND M40 35:16
8th Mayukha Rodrigo SOS M12 38:21
9th Daniel Ronnau-Bradbeer IND M12 43:34
10th Matteo Rebora SLOW M10 46:15
rtd Vadim Pesenti DFOK M10
m1 m11 Kate Bowie-Britton SOS W12 59:11
w11 Parasram Family SOS 73:05


1.33km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Luke Bennett DFOK M10 9:52
2nd Jake Bennett DFOK M10 15:52
3rd Aaron & Zoe Dedman CHIG M10 46:43
4th Molly Davis IND W10 67:55