Roding Valley Recreation Ground – Come and Try Orienteering Results


Thanks to our to our volunteers today, from Tony who planned, Monica who served refreshments, Alan on download and everyone who helped put out or take in controls. Thanks to Tim for providing post-run feedback to participants.

A big thanks also to Loughton Athletics Club for making their premises available to us for the morning.


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   Pl   Stno Name                         YB Club                               Time 

Orange  (4/4)  Preliminary results  41 PM  

    1        Philippa Allen                  CHIG                              14:25 
    2        Brian Chapman                   IND                               24:18 
    3        Paul Corney                     CHIG                              26:59 
    4        Junko George                    IND                               29:18 

Light Green  ( Preliminary results  41 PM  

    1        Gergo Nagy                      IND                               24:58 
    2        Rinat Akhmetova                 IND                               32:47 
    3        Jakob Petersen                  CHIG                              33:18 
    4        Alan Brett                      CHIG                              33:21 
    5        Frida Petersen                  CHIG                              45:21 
    6        Irene Petersen                  CHIG                              57:19 

             Leisan Akhmetova                IND                                  mp 
             Ilya Nefedov                    IND                                  mp 
             Tim Pribul                      CHIG                                 mp