Quad Match Results – Epping NW

The now annual training event and quad match involving members of CUOC, WAOC, CHIG and HAVOC was held at Epping NW on Wednesday 27 May.

Planners Comments

I really enjoyed the challenge of planning these courses on what was for me a completely new area. Happily my armchair planning only required a few minor tweaks after my visit out to the forest, and it was a delight to get out into the woods and discover what is a surprisingly complex area so close to my new home in East London!

Congratulations to WAOC for a decisive win aided by the weight of numbers. Unfortunately I think CUOC was suffering from a bit of Exam-itis, but it was great to see all everyone who turned out to enjoy a lovely evening in the forest. Thanks to Tim and Peter for coordinating map printing and kit transfer, and generally making the event very easy for me.

I hope you enjoyed your runs, and managed to get a bit lost at least once! It isn’t an easy area and I was trying to really push you on the TD5 courses, so well done to everyone who gave it a go, and the best of luck in your upcoming races.

Katrin Harding, Planner

Organisers Comments

Thank you all for attending on Wednesday and we would especially like to thank Katrin for agreeing to undertake the planning of the courses which drew many compliments from you. Our thanks also to Derek Jenner (CHIG) for running the registration and download and also to Ben Windsor (CUOC) for helping with the collection of controls afterwards.

Peter Allen and Tim Pribul