North London Street Orienteering League – Leyton

Race Report

At Leyton on Thursday last there was a three-way tie on 680 points, with SLOW’s Michael Balling, Eoin O’Callaghan and Michael Balling each locating all controls bar one. In a closely contested race, there were three more competitors within 20 points- Russell Peters (CHIG), Ben Smith (SLOW) and Jason Haigh (CHIG).
Jayne Sales was first female with 610 points, and in the process winning the Female League for 2013/14. MEgan Ashton (RNOC) was second with CHIG’s Sue Carter third.
Ruth Rhodes (SO) won the handicap ahead of Sue Carter.

League Standings

With just one event remaining, the men’s competition has already been won by SLOW’s Ed Catmur, however current 2nd placed Russell Peters could still by caught by Jason Haigh (if he comes in the first two in the final race) or by SLOW’s Ben Lovett or Ben Smith.
Jayne Sales has won the Female competition but second place could be any of Elaine Battson, Sue Carter or Fiona Tam.
In the Handicap, Elaine Battson could overtake Ed Catmur for the title with a top two finish in the final race at Plaistow next month.
Full standings are here.

StreetO Anytime

The map and clue sheet will shortly be available for download on the StreetO Anytime page.