North London Street Orienteering League – Barking Results

Race Report

Ed Catmur (SLOW) wrapped up the 2013-14 title with a fourth succesive victory at Barking tonight. With four events counting, and four victories, he cannot be caught now! At Barking, Catmur scored 690 points, with a 2% penalty for being 1 minute late reducing his net score to 676. Second place went to CHIG’s Jason Haigh with a net score of 552 and Eoin O’Callaghan of SLOW third on 550.

The first three women were all from SLOW with Jayne Sales (442 points net after penalties) recording her first victory of the league season and this being enough to take her to the top of the standings, being the only female to have competed at all four races so far. Valerie Suter was second with 430 and Fiona Tam third on 410. In the updated league standings Elaine Battson moves into second with Claire Heliot third.

Using the handicap system, Catmur also topped the race standings ahead of Valerie Suter and Elaine Battson (LOK). Battson’s third place leaves the handicap league as a two horse race between herself and Catmur.

Organiser’s comments

Thanks for everyone for attending tonight. We had an excellent turn out. I hope you enjoyed your run. A big “Thank you” to John and Alan for helping me organise beforehand and run the event on the night. And to Josh who made a last minute dash across town so that we had the SI timing equipment.
Thanks to the Barking Dog pub who gave us a great location to run the event from and some excellent food.
One of the biggest challenges I had putting the map together was the gaps in the OpenStreetMap base data. I added some missing roads, lots of missing paths and bridges. I hope I managed to add enough for you to navigate by, but apologies if I missed some and that caused you problems.
Hope to see you all at the next StreetO event.


Here’s a link to the Picassa album with most of the control pictures on.

StreetO Anytime

The map and clue sheet is now available for download on the StreetO Anytime page.