Race Report – Latton Woods

Race Report

The sun was shining however the sodden ground made for muddy paths and on the day, the quickest route was often directly through the forest. On the Blue (6km) course, Jonathan Albon (CHIG, M21) recovered from a 4 minute error on Control 2 to have the fastest splits for 11 of the remaining legs and he held the lead from Control 10 right to the end, beating Tom Dobra (CUOC, M21) into second place by a 2 minute margin. Sue Carter (CHIG) was the leading female on the Blue course.

On Green, Peter Warland (SOS, M45) edged out Mick Smith (HH, M65) for the victory – both both made early errors, but Warland was fastest on 8 of the legs to win by just over 2 minutes. Dawn Figg (HH, W45) was the fastest female ahead of Rachel Cooper (HAVOC, W21).

A visitor from Spain, Javier Montiel, won the Light Green courses, while East London-based Spaniard Israel Hurtado won Orange. Catriona Kadirkamanathan (Brentwood School) was fastest on Yellow while CHIG’s Louis Peters won the White course.

In the SWELL standings, Smith should close the gap on Michael Muggeridge (HAVOC) in the Combined Adult classification. Cassandra LeFevre should retain her lead on White, Robbie Woolerton (Brentwood School) should climb the standings on Yellow and Luke Cooper (Brentwood School) should extend his lead over Matthew LeFevre (Palmer Academy) and Jacob Stephenson (Palmer Academy) on the Orange course. Victoria Mills (HAVOC) should maintain her lead on Light Green, with Owen Haigh (CHIG) moving up to second place.

Updated SWELL standings should appear in due course.

Thanks to our Volunteers

Ros West, Derek Jenner, Ray Curtis, Alison Curtis, Tom Edelsten, Josh Jenner, Helen Gregory, Mark Ford, Harold Wyber, Paul Corney, Tony Maycraft, Alan Brett.

Organisers Comments

Just a note to thank everybody for their efforts in both the lead up to the event and on the day itself, which ensured another successful event. The weather finally relented, although conditions underfoot remained treacherous. Nevertheless, we had much positive feedback and many competitors were surprised at how challenging such a small area can be.


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Latton Woods Sat 11/01/2014 15:24
Preliminary results created by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2007

   Pl Name                       Club                          Age class         Time 

White  (3/3)   Preliminary results  15:23  

    1 Louis Peters               CHIG                          M10              21:23 
    2 Cassandra Lefevre          DFOK                          W10              22:34 
    3 Eeesha Vashisht Arya Gupta Ind                           W10              33:52 

Yellow  (4/4)  Preliminary results  15:23  

    1 Catriona Kadirkamanathan   Brentwood School              W12              29:15 
    2 Javier Navarro             CCeldense                     M35              32:08 
    3 Eve and Rosa Ambler        Ind                           W10              52:22 
    4 Robbie Woolterton          Brentwood School              M12              53:11 

Orange  (10/10 Preliminary results  15:23  

    1 Israel Hurtado             Ind                           M21              29:35 
    2 Lachlan Haigh              CHIG                          M12              30:23 
    3 Luke Cooper                Brentwood School              M14              33:39 
    4 Irene Petersen             Ind                           W45              39:42 
    5 Matthew LeFevre            DFOK                          M14              55:08 
    6 James Cromarty             Brentwood School              M14              58:54 
    7 Amanda King                HAVOC                         W40            1:01:31 

      Matthew Harden             HH                            M14                 mp 
      Jacob Stephenson           Ind                           M15                 mp 
      Jacob Petersen             Ind                           M45                 mp 

Light Green  ( Preliminary results  15:23  

    1 Javier Montiel             Ind                           M35              42:29 
    2 Owen Haigh                 CHIG                          M14              47:04 
    3 Alison Curtis              CHIG                          W55              57:36 
    4 Sarah Davies               Ind                           W40            1:01:02 
    5 Russell Peters             CHIG                          M35            1:08:15 
    6 Jen Ames                   Ind                           W21            1:18:21 
    7 Victoria Mills             HAVOC                         W16            1:39:05 
    8 Barbara Wiltshire          HH                            W65            1:49:32 

Green  (18/18) Preliminary results  15:23  

    1 Peter Warland              SOS                           M45              37:00 
    2 Mick Smith                 HH                            M65              39:17 
    3 John Williams              SOS                           M60              44:23 
    4 Tim Dedman                 CHIG                          M50              45:26 
    5 Dawn Figg                  HH                            W45              52:03 
    6 Paul Hearn                 HH                            M50              52:27 
    7 Rachel Cooper              HAVOC                         W21              55:49 
    8 Ray Curtis                 CHIG                          M60              59:40 
    9 Garry Parmenter            HAVOC                         M65            1:01:31 
   10 Chris Burgues              HAVOC                         M55            1:02:00 
   11 Dale Bennett               HAVOC                         M50            1:03:00 
   12 David Lefevre              DFOK                          M55            1:10:21 
   13 Barbara Fothergill         HAVOC                         W55            1:10:58 
   14 Tony Biggs                 HAVOC                         M65            1:13:06 
   15 Viv Hodson                 HH                            W50            1:21:32 
   16 Hamish Kadirkamanathan     Brentwood School              M16            1:30:08 
   17 Janet Biggs                HAVOC                         W60            1:30:36 
   18 Jack Isbester              SOS                           M80            1:32:56 

Blue  (26/26)  Preliminary results  15:23  

    1 Jonathan Albon             CHIG                          M21              35:26 
    2 Tom Dobra                  CUOC                          M21              37:47 
    3 Andrew McNally             WIM                           M35              39:40 
    4 William Ames               Ind                           M21              42:16 
    5 Stu Levene                 HH                            M45              43:43 
    6 Tony Maycraft              CHIG                          M55              44:50 
    7 David Newton               Ind                           M35              44:54 
    8 Mike Muggeridge            HAVOC                         M50              45:29 
    9 Douglas McTurk             HAVOC                         M21              46:10 
   10 David Frampton             HH                            M40              46:28 
   11 Paul Beckett               HAVOC                         M50              48:09 
   12 Andrew Welsh               HAVOC                         M60              49:12 
   13 Jim Prowting               TVOC                          M65              50:14 
   14 Paul Langston              HH                            M60              51:06 
   15 Sue Carter                 CHIG                          W45              52:08 
   16 Phil Halford               SUFFOC                        M60              53:49 
   17 Matthew Belous             Ind                           M21              59:52 
   18 David Float                HAVOC                         M45            1:00:16 
   19 Graham Sutton              MV                            M65            1:00:18 
   20 Tony Harden                HH                            M50            1:02:01 
   21 Daniel Figg                HH                            M16            1:04:36 
   22 David Hodson               HH                            M50            1:04:47 
   23 Stewart Mills              HAVOC                         M50            1:12:47 
   24 Hugh Wiltshire             HH                            M65            1:42:11 

      Gillian Edgar              HAVOC                         W45                 mp 
      Alan Brett                 CHIG                          M40                 mp