Meet Our Members… Jason Haigh

Jason Haigh

Jason Haigh

Next up in this occasional series is a former club captain, Jason Haigh.


Jason Haigh


Wealth Manager

Live in….                        

Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire

Age or age class?   


BOF Ranking   

3135 (I think)

When & how did you start?    

As a junior, in Tasmania, Australia.  My family used to go along and I was a good runner, so just joined in – usually getting lost most weeks!

When did you join CHIG? 


What do you like/enjoy about orienteering?    

A combination of running and the challenge of navigation –  you get to see the countryside.  It is a great thinking sport, before, during and afterwards.

What types of events do you usually enter? What course? 

Historically I was entering Black and Brown courses, however now I am starting to run more Blue.

What are your orienteering goals?  

I love being competitive, but have set no targets, other than racing more events.  It takes a bit of organisation to work out which events are where.

Do you do any training for orienteering?     

I do running and often help my boys do some navigation training.  I don’t do enough to improve and should do more!

What is your proudest moment in orienteering?     

I love seeing the boys finish a race when they have had a clear run, I don’t do that often.  I did represent Australia once, which is nice to look back on.

Favourite ever event?                        

I do enjoy the London City race, but looking back, there was an event at Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia which was fantastic terrain and then there was some great hills in the Malvern Region that we raced a couple of years ago.

Apart from orienteering, do you do any other sport or outdoor activity?    

I enjoy golf and have done adventure racing, triathlons, road running and cross country.  I play squash and enjoy the gym and love getting outdoors as much as possible.