North London Street Orienteering League – Limehouse Results


SLOW’s Ed Catmur raced to his third successive victory at Limehouse on Thursday 28 December. He finished with a score of 660 points, visiting all bar two controls. Two other SLOW members, Ben Smith and Hugh Hurley tied for second with 530 points. The course took orienteers from race HQ the Urban Bar south to Narrow Street and Limehouse basin and north towards Mile End and Bow.

Top of the ladies was Helle Beattie (SLOW) for her second win of the series with 410 points, ahead of Jayne Sales (SLOW) on 400 in second and Elaine Battson (LOK) in third on 380. Elaine Battson finished top of the handicap competition ahead of Ed Catmur and Sue Carter (CHIG).

The updated league standings see Ed Catmur with a maximum 300 points after three races, ahead of Ben Lovett (IND) and Jason Haigh (CHIG). In the ladies standings, Jayne Sales leads ahead of Claire Heliot (SLOW) and Ruth Rhodes (SO). The handicap competition is lead by Ed Catmur ahead of Jayne Sales and Claire Heliot.

With the best four from six races counting, there are still opportunities for others to move up the standings as the series continues.

Thanks to the management and staff of the Urban Bar on Three Colts Street for their hospitality.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Thanks to organiser Alan Brett and also to John Duffield for helping with the scoring.


Anytime StreetO

Weren’t able to attend? You can print off a copy of the map and clues and go around the course in your own time. Email your answers and a link to your Strava profile with your route and time and we shall post your time and score here (although you won’t be eligible for league points).

[PDF file of map and clues]

Notes: Railway lines are not marked on the map. The numbers for 14 and 25 are placed close together on the map, the more southern control is number 25.