Scottish 6 Day 2013 – Day 2

Day two saw a a long queue for ice creams by three o’clock, a sign of drier conditions at Carse of Ardersier. There were excellent performances from CHIG’s Tom Edelsten (3rd) and Robin Campbell (5th) in their respective age classes.


M12A – Oliver Brett 54th

M21E – Harold Wyber 43rd

M35L – Mark Ford 19th

M45L – Mike Brett 58th

M70L – Tom Edelsten 3rd

M75L – Robin Campbell 5th

W14L – Jocelyn Brett 49th

W45L – Kate Brett 25th

W75L – Ruby Campbell mp

Day 3 is at Culbin. The south and east is flat with scattered knolls and very low relief hills. The north and west have intricate, complex sand dunes, mostly with runnable mature forest but also a fast semi-open dune and a recently felled area.