Wanstead Flats Park Race

Update 30 Jul: Preliminary Results are now available. There are two unknown runners, if you believe one of these to be you and wish to claim your result and Park Race series points please email chair@chig.org.uk with your details.

Wanstead Flats Park Race – Preliminary Results


Not all competitors downloaded at last nights event due to problems with the download station supplied to the event. By the time we got a download box operational, some competitors had already left.

The results for the 25 competitors who did not download are still pending. We will download the data from the SI boxes. This process will start shortly.

Times for competitors who’s SI cards were downloaded are now available –  Times (v) | Splits. Full event results will be available for all runners in due course.

Note that control 174 (control number 15 on Long and 7 on Short) has been deleted and the leg 173-175 voided due to a possible misplacement of control 174.


Special Thanks

Thank you to John Whittington (WIM) for his assistance with download at last nights events. Without his help any form of results would have been a mammoth undertaking and certainly we would not yet have the times posted above.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Harold Wyber, Josh Jenner, Tom Edelsten, David Lund, Sally Lund, Alan Brett, John Duffield, Jonathan Albon, Mark Ford, Henriette Klovstad.