CHIG Championships 2012 Results & Prizegiving Photos

Mens Open

Winner: Josh Jenner (200 points)

2nd: Jason Haigh (150 points)

3rd: Russell Peters  (150 points)

Womens Open

Winner: Kate Brett (190 points)

2nd: Bryony Brennan (150 points)

3rd: Philippa Allen (140 points)

Mens Veteran

Winner: Mike Brett (160 points)

2nd: Tim Pribul (150 points)

3rd: Tony Maycraft (140 points)

Womens Veteran

Winner: Sue Carter (150 points)

2nd: Sally Pribul (110  points)

3rd: Jennifer Taylor (110 points)

Junior Boys

Winner: Owen Haigh (80 points)

2nd: Lachlan Haigh (70 points)

3rd: Louis Peters (0 points)


Winner: Russell Peters (150 points)


The Junior Girls and Intermediate trophies were not awarded.

Full event results to follow on the HAVOC website.

At the prizegiving picnic, medals were presented to Robin Campbell and Tom Edelsten from last weekends SEOA championship events.


Thanks to Josh Jenner and Jason Haigh for photos, Tim Pribul for determining the prize winners and everyone who turned out for the event and the picnic (and avoiding the rain!).