Street-O: Victoria Park Results

The fourth event in the 2011/12 North London Street Orienteering League was held at Victoria Park on Thursday 26 January 2012.

A note from the organiser:

Firstly I would like to apologise to everyone that took part in the Victoria Park Street Race. As some of you noticed, the clues were harder than then they should have been. I made an error when typing the score sheet by missing off a clue for control no. 36. This meant that the subsequent controls 37-41 were adjusted by 1 place on the score sheet. Some of you spotted this and actually managed to accumulate most of the points. I wanted to make you work hard for your 40 points but I think that was a little too hard! Despite this there were some very respectable scores and times recorded so thank you for perservering. I hope you enjoyed your run in the East End and thank you very much for coming.