A Little Event That Might Interest You

“Little” because (a) it’s a one-man mapper/planner/organizer affair and (b) it involves ‘O’ on a micro scale to hone/test your skills.

Time: Next Wednesday evening, 1 June, starts from 6.15 to 7.00.

Place: In front of the King’s Oak pub near the Epping Forest Centres.


Note the slight change of venue. This is one of our summer training events and is intended to encourage practice of skills from the earlier sessions, but, because it has a slightly unusual format, I think you would enjoy it as a short but technical O challenge.

A small area of Epping Forest loaded with small brown features is mapped at 1:2500 with 2.5 m contours; anything bigger than 50cm high is shown, some less.

OK the course is only about 1.6km long but then Usain Bolt happily travels halfway across the globe to run for less than 10 seconds! I think you’ll take quite a bit longer than that.

(It’s called it Micro-O simply because it’s just a technical cross-country O course on a small scale, though strictly the term should apply to one with false controls etc. See: http://www.mvoc.org/Jargon_Buster.htm#M


Beginners may visit controls in any order but, if you aim to win one of the prizes**, a little bit of mental arithmetic is involved as well as navigating skills.

Dibbers not required. Cost: Free to CHIG members.

If you intend to come it would help in providing maps if you could please email

Results will be on


All competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

(**With luck, prizes may be hobnob biscuits.)