Compass Sport Trophy

Hi Chig Members

A quick note to say well done to all who raced at Ranmore Common  in the Compass Trophy Qualifying event on Sunday.

We were extremely lucky with the weather, with a mild 13 degrees and whilst cloudy, we had a fine day.  We were promised some challenging terrain in the guidance notes and as the results demonstrated, many competitors were certainly challenged!

There was a long undulating walk to the start, and we were immediately thrown into tricky terrain with low undergrowth and technical navigating route choices.  Many were caught out early in their course and I don’t think I have been in a race where so many competitors across all courses and all levels of experience have not managed to complete the course.

All courses seemed longer than expected and with most courses crossing and re-crossing a number of valleys.  Differentiation of terrain was difficult and some controls were well hidden in pits and undergrowth.

Having said that, CHIG was well represented with 23 starters and  notable performances (top 3 in the Trophy competition) were (full scores below):

  • Mark Ford           2nd on Brown
  • Mike Brett          1st on Blue M
  • Kate Brett           1st on Green W
  • Tim Pribul            1st on Green M
  • Ros West             3rd on Green Vets

Overall the team finished in 3rd place (1186 points) behind GO (1247) & SOS (1245).

It was great to see some good junior performances as well with representatives out from the Brett, Blowers and Haigh families.

Well done to all competitors.  Anyone who completed the course was guaranteed to have returned with a few scratches and having clambered up more that one steep hill.

See you at an event soon, or for those that can make it enjoy the social next Saturday.


Course Compass Sport Classes Competitor Position Time Trophy Points Included in Club Total
Brown Mens Open Mark Ford 6th 74:49 99 Yes
Jason Haigh 25th 90:25 93 Yes
Harold Wyber 34th 96:05 92 Yes
Kostya Lutsenko DNF
Josh Jenner DNF
Alan Brett DNF
Blue Women Womens Open Emma Blowers 32nd 129:56 78 Yes
Blue Men M45+ M20- Mike Brett 9th 68:46 100 Yes
Derek Jenner 85th 128:16 74 Yes
Ray Curtis 86th 128:31 73
Robert Campbell DNS
Green Women W45+ W20- Kate Brett 7th 56:52 100 Yes
Alison Curtis 46th 94:40 80 Yes
Sally Pribul 55th 107:11 70
Green Men M60+ Tim Pribul 4th 49:02 100 Yes
John Duffield 10th 53:07 92 Yes
Robin Campbell 47th 77:32 60
Short Green Veteran M75+ W60+ Ros West 14th 68:44 96 Yes
Jennifer Taylor 15th 71:04 94 Yes
Ruby Campbell 24th 85:34 86
Light Green M18- W18- Caitlin Campbell DNS
Orange Men M14- Owen Haigh 14th 39:17 88 Yes
Marcus Blowers 26th 60:55 64
Alex Blowers 28th 74:21 60
Dylan Campbell DNS
Orange Women W14-
Yellow n/a Jocelyn & Oliver Brett 35:35 n/a