Harlow Town Park Event – 15 January 2011

Official Results

The official results of the event at Harlow Town Park held on 15 January 2011 are now available. Click to view.

If you time is absent and you have “mp” opposite your name – this means that you either missed a control or punched the incorrect control. However if you want to see how you got on, use the Split Times link below, as this will include all controls you have visited.

If you are marked as nc, and thus your time is at the bottom of the list – this means you were a non-competitive runner on your course – ususally this is because it was your second course – giving you an unfair advantage on runners on that course because you may have visited the same or adjacent controls on you first course.

Split Times

WinSplits Online data tables enables comprehensive analysis of your run.

Splitsbrowser – graphical interface for the display and analysis of orienteering split times – compare each leg of the race against your competitors on your course.

Leave Your Feedback

We would very much like to hear your feedback on the event so that we can try to make future events even better! Please take a few moments to submit your feedback – this can be anonymous or you can add your name at the very end. Of course you can always email us your feedback to club@chig.org.uk