Compass Sport Trophy 2011 – Entries Close on Saturday!

The Compass Sport Cup is the British Clubs Orienteering Championships. Clubs are categorised into small (Trophy) and large (Cup) clubs. The Competition consists of an initial round in Spring and a Final round in the autumn.  CHIG fall into the Trophy category.

CHIG is entered in the SEOA heat to be hosted by Mole Valley on Sunday 16 January at Ranmore Common [Details].

Online Entry

Each competitor needs to enter online via Fabian 4 so I would ask for you to register online as soon as possible.   This will also allow you to select your start time preference. The closing date for pre-entries to this event is 8 January.

Detail here of CHIGs who have already entered.


The winner in each class gets 100 points, second 99 etc, so the team with the highest scores win, and we add up our highest 13 scorers.  The winning team and sometimes second place progresses to the second round and finals in due course. There is no limit on how may competitors we take.  The more entries we have, the greater chance we have.

The 13 scores to count include:

  • maximum of 3 counters from any one ‘large’ CompassSport class
  • maximum of 2 counters from any one ‘small’ CompassSport class
  • maximum of 2 counters from each pair of ‘very small’ CompassSport classes running the same course. i.e. two from 7A, none from 7B; one from 7A, one from 7B; OR none from 7A, two from 7B;
Course CompassSport Course Large/ Small Max Counting Runners Age Classes
1 Brown L 3 Open
2 Blue S 2 Women Open
3 Blue L 3 M45+ M20
4 Green S 2 W45+ W20
5 Green S 2 M60+
6 Short Green S 2 M75+ W60+
7A Light Green VS }  2 M18
7B Light Green VS } W18
8A Orange VS }  2 W14
8B Orange VS } W14