BOF Rankings for MITRE Regional Event

Here is a status update for the BOF rankings for the MITRE regional event.

  • The first set of results sent to BOF was missing BOF numbers for many runners who entered on the day. This meant no ranking points were originally available for runners on Black and Brown courses. A significant number of missing BOF numbers were gathered with help from some members of the forum on Nopesport.
  • The BOF numbers were added to the results file in Excel, and re-submitted to BOF on 14 December. BOF uploaded these on Friday 17 December. A poster on Nopesport alerted us to a new error in the results file with the times under an hour being credited as hours (i.e 45 minutes has become 45 hours). This error was caused by the use of MS Excel to amend the results file – with Excel automatically changing the format of the times.
  • The results file was again amended and sent to BOF on Wednesday 22 December. We are now awaiting BOF to uploaded this new file.

We apologise to all competitors for the problems experienced with the BOF rankings. We hope that the next upload by BOF will fully resolve the issue.

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