Compass Sport Trophy

Hi All

I am preparing to enter our team for the Compass Sport Trophy  which is due to be run at Ranmore Common, Dorking on Sunday 16th January next year.

For those who do not know what the event is, The Compass Sport Cup is the British Clubs Orienteering Championships. Clubs are categorised into small (Trophy) and large (Cup) clubs. The Competition consists of an initial round in Spring and a Final round in the autumn.  CHIG fall into the Trophy category.

For detailed information on the competition please see

However, in summary there are 8 classes:

Course CompassSport                   Course                                 Age Classes

1                                                              Brown                                   Open

2                                                              Blue                                       Women Open

3                                                              Blue                                       M45+ M20

4                                                              Green                                   W45+ W20

5                                                              Green                                   M60+ Small

6                                                              Short Green                       M75+ W60+

7A                                                           Light Green                        Men 18

7B                                                           Light Green                        Women 18

8A                                                           Orange                                 Men 14

8B                                                           Orange                                 Women 14

The winner in each class gets 100 points, second 99 etc, so the team with the highest scores win, and we add up our highest 13 scorers.  The winning team and sometimes second place progresses to the second round and finals in due course.

Please have a look at your calendar and let me know if you are planning to attend and which of the events you wish to enter.  It would be great to have competitors in all the different events.  There will also be a yellow and white event, but on a non scoring basis.  After last years growth in juniors I am hoping we may have a few competitors aiming for orange and light green courses this year.

I will need to enter our team by the end of November and remember there is no limit on how may competitors we take.  The more we have, the greater chance we have.

I hope to see you at Broxbourne in a couple of weeks

Jason Haigh

Club Captain