Pishiobury Park – Organisers Report

The Pishiobury Park local and Swell event was held in glorious sunshine, in stark contrast to the arctic weather that led to its cancellation earlier in the year, with sunburn replacing frostbite on the risk assessment form

Turnout was good, with around 70 entrants, with a good turnout of new runners including eight from Manor Fields School

The beavers score event, running later on the same controls, was extremely popular, with 50 runners, even more than had been anticipated. This was very well organised and run by Josh and Derek and the children clearly enjoyed it immensely

On the downside the computers once again misbehaved badly, but thanks to some cool thinking under pressure the impact was quickly minimised and all but the earlier runners processed though with printed splits, and the results were up on the website the same afternoon. Next steps are already agreed and in place to prevent this happening again and apologies to any earlier competitors who were inconvenienced.

Thanks again to all those who helped – your enthusiasm and support really helped me organise and run my first event with a minimum of stress