CHIGs support the Mayor’s fun run with a ‘Naughty Numbers Game’

The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting and not a plane in the sky. The scene was set for the Mayor of Loughton’s fun run.

To help raise funds for the Mayor of Loughton’s charity CHIG put on a mini orienteering event alongside the 4km fun run. Helen Hampton, Josh Jenner and Helen Gregory offered members of the public an introduction to orienteering in the form of a fast and furious, head to head activity. Each competitor made a contribution of 50p to the Mayor’s charity and in return, using Sport Ident equipment, they had to complete a mini course lasting on average 1 minute. Over 30 people of all ages came and had a go at the activity, each one trying to beat the fastest time set by a highly competitive  8-year-old! Competitors raced head to head with many repeating their go to try and improve their time or beat their peers.



The event was also supported by Ros West and Derek Jenner who competed in the fun run finishing 4km in very respectable times. In attendance too, was the local girl guide group selling cakes as a reward for competitors



The day was a sucess and a good time was had by all. May I extend our thanks to the Mayor for inviting us to promote orienteering.

Josh Jenner

CHIG club coach