Epping South – Planners Comments

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Epping South presents several challenges to the Planner.  The area is long and narrow with vegetation varying from completely open to very dense.  Nor are there many topographical features that can be used for TD5 courses.  Inevitably, this leads to some long path runs but I tried to end these with some intricate navigation to provide a little entertainment for competitors.  We couldn’t control the weather but apologies that new lakes had appeared or failed to recede since planning – in particular W of 141.

Fortunately, the weather smiled upon us on the day and all the participants that I spoke to felt they had been suitably challenged.  People seemed to leave the Finish exhausted after the fast run – but with a smile on their faces.  A Planner can ask for no more and I extend my thanks to the Controller, Neil Humphries (WAOC), and Tom Edelsten (CHIG) for their superb guidance and support to me in making it happen.

Thanks also to the competitors who kindly donated their maps for re-use due to the almost overwhelming attendance.  If you would like a replacement copy of your course map, please send a postal address to the CHIG website and one will be sent to you.

Paul Corney.