SWELL Events for 2009-10

The events for the 2009-10 season of the SWELL (South and West Essex Local League) have now been announced. The league comprises eight events with events hosted by Havering and South Essex (HAVOC) and Chigwell and Epping Forest (CHIG) orienteering clubs.

Each league event has 5 courses. If you are new to the sport, you can start with the beginners courses of about 3 kilometres (white and yellow), and when you get more confident, you can move up to the intermediate courses of about 4 kilometres (orange and light green). In addition, there is a longer course of about 5 kilometres (blue), aimed at experienced orienteers.

More information is available at the SWELL page on the HAVOC website.

SWELL Events 2009-10
Event Number Host Club Date Area
No. 1 HAVOC 18 Oct 2009 Weald Park
No. 2 CHIG 22 Nov 2009 Epping East
No. 3 HAVOC 6 Dec 2009 Langdon Hills
No. 4 CHIG 9 Jan 2010 Pishiobury Park
No. 5 CHIG 6 Feb 2010 Broxbourne
No. 6 HAVOC 21 Feb 2010 Epping SW
No. 7 CHIG 14 Mar 2010 Epping South
No. 8 HAVOC 11 Apr 2010 Belhus Woods