SE Score Championships

Wormley & Derry’s Wood

Sunday 13th September 2009

Location Wormley & Derry’s Wood, near Paradise Wildlife Park.

Terrain Splendid area last used for orienteering over 20 years ago. Mainly broad-leaved fast runnable woodland with denser conifers in the south.

Courses 40 and 60 minute score. Both will have one map with the same controls, some controls being suitable for beginners; the long will have a second map with additional controls. The aim in a score event is to collect as many controls as possible in the set time. Details of the scoring system below.

Parking Parking is in the Paradise Wildlife Park overflow car park, south of White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN10 7QA. The Park is well signed from the A10near Broxbourne, or visit

Public Transport: The nearest National Rail station is Broxbourne, approximately 40 mins from London Liverpool St rail station. Broxbourne rails station is 2.5 miles / 4.0km from Paradise Wildlife Park.


*Map shows approximate location

Starts Registration from 10:00 to 11:15. Starts 10:30 to 12.00. Courses close 13:15.
Follow taped route to the start ~10 minutes walk. The route to the start is along White Stubbs Lane, which has no verge and can be busy, so caution is advised. The walk passes the finish where there will be a clothing dump 100m before the start.

Fees ENTRY ON THE DAY ONLY: Seniors: National BOF & SEOA BOF members £7.00, Non Members & non SEOA local BOF members £9.00, Juniors: £2.00. Parking £1.00.

Punching SportIdent will be used. Dibber hire £1.00. Charge for lost dibbers £26.00.

Map 1:10,000 for all courses. Pre-marked maps on waterproof paper.

Facilities Squash and toilets in the car parking area.

Dogs Are allowed in the Forest which is managed by the Woodland Trust, but they must be on leads at all times in the car park and walking down the road. Clearly dogs will not be allowed in Paradise Wildlife Park itself.

Controller Hedley Calderwood (HH).

Planner Mike Brett (CHIG)

Organiser Peter Cheetham (CHIG).

All competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Rules for the SE Score Championships 2009


There are two score courses: Long, 60 minute, and Short, 40 minute. Controls ……. are on, or immediately adjacent to line features, and should allow younger or newer competitors to construct a ‘mini score’ course of approximately ‘yellow’ standard of their own.
You may choose to run either course. However to qualify for the inter-club SE Score Championships you must run the Long course unless you are W/M16 or younger, or W/M60 or older.

Score rules

  • The objective is to visit the maximum number of controls in the allowed time.
  • All controls score 10 points.
  • For runners on the Short course, ONLY controls on side A of the map qualify (numbered 101 – 120).
  • Runners on the Long course need to decide when (and where) to turn over the map.
  • Controls from side A will no longer qualify once you start to collect controls from side B (numbered 121 – 130). You can’t be disqualified! So accidental mispunches will be ‘allowed’, but no control from side B will count while you are still clearly collecting side A controls and no side A control will count once it is clear that you have begun to collect controls from side B.
  • There will be a penalty of 10 points for each minute or part minute you take beyond the allowed time for your course.
  • Provided you have correctly collected all controls from both sides of the map (Long Score), or the A side of the map (Short Score) you will get a bonus of 10 points for each complete minute you take less than the allowed time for your course.
  • You must declare at download which course you have run.
  • The score total on your splits printout is PROVISIONAL. The total will not include any bonus points and may include mispunched controls. In cases of dispute the Organiser’s decision on your score will be final.

SE Score Championships

  • All South East Orienteering Association affiliated clubs are eligible.
  • Eligible runners of the Short course (W/M16- and W/M60+) will have their score multiplied by a factor of 1.5.
  • The winning club is the club with the highest aggregate score from their 12 top-placed runners subject to the following restrictions:
  1. Only one scorer counts from each age/gender class.
  2. ‘Running up’ applies automatically, in relation to both age class and gender

Example – if the two best scorers are M35s, the 1st counts as M35, the 2nd as M21; if the 3rd best scorer is an M21, he does not count.
Example – if the three best scorers are W35s. the 1st counts as W35, the 2nd as W21 and the 3rd as M35.

Queries? Contact Penny Parkes, 01462 670594 (before 9pm), or penny.parkes AT

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