Captain’s Blog – October/November 2008

Lucky Escape from the OMM

Many of you will have seen the Original Mountain Marathon (‘OMM’) hit the headlines a few weeks ago, with some of the worst conditions ever seen for a Mountain Marathon. High winds, torrential rain and flooding eventually resulted in the event being called off before the first day was over. CHIG member Harold Wyber decided to retire when his partner started showing signs of hypothermia, but was later filmed looking cheerful while sheltering at Honister Slate Mine. He managed to secure a lift in a friend’s Landrover to Cockermouth were he was able to find some dry overnight accommodation. For me, having entered the OMM as usual, my foot injury in September now looks like a stroke of luck.

Early Retirement

Unfortunately not from work, I will however be taking a break from orienteering from the end of this year. With the birth of our second child due next month, we’ll have our hands full (so people tell us!) with two under-twos. Hopefully I’ll be able to return to the sport once they can both get round a string course! I will continue as club captain until the AGM in March next year, when I will stand down. If anyone fancies becoming captain or wants to find out more about the role, please get in touch (email link at the top of the page).

SLOW London City Race, 10th Oct

Ignoring my physio’s advice, I decided this race looked too good to miss and I think almost everyone that took part agreed. So I left my crutches at home and headed off on my usual commute to Liverpool Street. The start was at the Broadgate Arena – an excellent venue, particularly in the autumn sunshine. The first part of the course took me past my office and along routes I use during my lunchtime training runs, so despite a painful foot, local knowledge and some fairly straightforward navigation meant I was in joint 3rd place (in M40+) just over half way round. I correctly worked out that control 14 was above ground level on an elevated walkway, punched it smugly, and then decided to return to ground level to cross the dual carriageway of London Wall, ignoring the pedestrian bridge across it at the same level! The next 7 controls were all on an elevated level of the Barbican, but for some reason I couldn’t shake off the conviction that orienteering was meant to take place on the ground. Needless to say, this meant I lost quite a bit of time and 3rd place! This was definitely a course where planning ahead in the early stages would have paid dividends. Despite my poor second half, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and may even come out of retirement to compete in next year’s race! If you missed the race, have a look at the map and courses on Routegadget.

Notable Performances

Northern Ireland Champs, 5th Oct

  • Charlotte Cheetham 3rd W45S
  • Peter Cheetham 2nd M50S

SE Middle Champs, Glovers Wood, 5th Oct

  • Tom Edelsten 3rd M65
  • Helen Hampton 3rd W45
  • Carol Pearce 1st W60
  • Ruby Campbell 3rd W70

SOS Hatfield Forest Regional, 12th Oct

  • Robert Campbell (M40) 3rd M21L
  • Josh Jenner 4th M21L
  • Robin Campbell 1st M70L
  • Carol Pearce 1st W60L
  • Ros West 3rd W60L
  • Alice Campbell 2nd JW5S
  • Ruby Campbell 2nd W70L
  • Helen Hampton 3rd W45S

November Classic, Burley West, 2nd Nov

  • Dylan Campbell 2nd JM2
  • Tim Pribul 1st M55S
  • Tom Edelsten 3rd M65L
  • Robin Campbell 2nd M70L
  • Ruby Campbell 1st W70L