Captain’s Blog – March 2008

CHIG Members in Compass Sport

The Campbell family were the subject of an article in the last issue of Compass Sport. Robert’s Interland Selection has made him the third generation of the family to be selected for England. Unfortunately Robert twisted his ankle badly during his Interland run, but despite this, he finished his course and earned 5 points for England, helping them to victory.

Congratulations to Tom Edelsten for winning the Compass Sport Photo-O competition!

JK Relays Results

Despite the snow and an ill captain stepping in for Robert Campbell, all our Relay teams finished – an excellent result in itself. Positions/number of finishing teams shown below.

  • JK Trophy (Kostya, Josh, Jeff, Harold) 26th/31
  • Vet Men (Tom, John P, Tim) 24th/52
  • Vet Women (Carol, Susan, Ruby) 24th/25
  • Int Women (Alice, Caitlin, Carolyn 13th/16
  • Mix Ad Hoc (Ian, Heather, Mark) 46th/63

Notable Performances

March was a busy month with a National Event and of course the JK over Easter. I have to say I was a bit disappointed by Big Wood – it didn’t seem interesting enough for a National Event, but that’s not to say I didn’t make any mistakes!

Given its importance and the larger than average entries at the JK, I decided that a top 10 result is worthy of note. It’s entirely a coincidence that I happened to come 10th in the Sprint Race! I found replaying the Routegadget animations particularly entertaining for the sprint event – some people (mentioning no names) seemed to be navigating using the pinball technique! As a family we didn’t have a great time at the JK. The snow and cold weather took its toll on my loyal supporters and I was stuck down by a mystery illness on Sunday which I blame for my 6 minute error on number 9. (That and the fact that the control flag was at the bottom of a pit hidden in bracken, next to some straggly bits of gorse mapped as scattered trees!) By Tuesday, I was convinced I had glandular fever, but a subsequent blood test has denied me that excuse.
Enough of my moaning. Congratulations to Carol Pearce on coming 3rd in W60L! Other notable performances listed below.

SAX Mill Bank & Whiteley Regional, 2nd Mar

  • Tom Edelsten 3rd M65L
  • Robin Campbell 1st M70L
  • Helen Hampton 2nd W45S
  • Heather Andrews 3rd W45S
  • Ruby Campbell 1st W70L

Big Wood National Event, 9th Mar

  • Jeff Green 4th M40L
  • Tom Edelsten 4th M65L
  • Helen Hampton 3rd W45S
  • Carol Pearce 3rd W60L
  • Jennifer Taylor 3rd W65L
  • Ruby Campbell 3rd W70L

JK Sprint Surrey University, 21st Mar

  • Jeff Green 10th M40
  • John Pearce 9th M60
  • Ruby Campbell 3rd W70

JK Classic 22-23rd Mar

  • Carol Pearce 3rd W60L
  • Tim Pribul 2nd M55S
  • Tom Edelsten 4th M65L
  • Ruby Campbell 6th W70L
  • Ros West 6th W60S
  • Colin Flint 9th M65S (Day 3)