Captain’s Blog – February 2007

Club Competitions

Compass Sport Trophy update:

Burnham Beeches/Egypt Woods 18th March

Due to the cancellation of the LOG round, we’ll now be competing against SUFFOC as well as HAVOC, GO and SOS. I hope you’ve all received my email – please turn up and run for your club. With CHIG paying half your entry fee (all of it if you’re a junior), it should be excellent value for money!

JK Relays

It looks like CHIG will be fielding 2, possibly 3 teams in the relays at Caerwent. If you’d like to be in a team and haven’t let me know – please do so as soon as possible. I shall be sending in our entries in time to meet the reduced rate deadline of 28th February.

Definite teams are
1. Men’s Short: Mark Ford, Bronislav Pribyl and hopefully me (if I can get fit by then).
2. Veteran Men’s: Tim Pribul, John Duffield and Tom Edelsten.

You probably don’t know Bronislav Pribyl, but you may notice a certain similarity between his surname and that of committee members Tim and Sally Pribul! The story so far…

Bronislav is from the Czech republic and was competing in the Junior European Cup (JEC) in 2004, one day of which was held at Epping East. Tim was browsing the start lists and, also spotting the similarity, tracked down Bronislav and introduced himself. Although no direct family connection has been established (yet!), Tim’s ancesters do in fact hail from what is now the Czech Republic. Bronislav and the english branch of the Pribul dynasty have kept in touch and he is coming over to the UK at Easter as their guest to compete in the JK and run for CHIG. I’m looking forward to meeting him. Apparently he’s still quite good at orienteering!

Notable Performances

There have been so many notable performances since I last wrote that I might have to re-define notable! I thought we did well at the Thetford Thrash, with a particularly impressive double-double from Robin and Ruby Campbell who both won both days. And then a huge haul of top 3s last weekend at Baddow Ridge, with CHIG dominating the 60L classes taking 5 out of the 6 top places – we obviously cope well with brambles!

Congratulations to everyone below. Keep it up!

Ashridge, 21 Jan

  • Robin Campbell 2nd, M70L
  • Charlotte Cheetham 3rd W45S
  • Carol Pearce 1st W60L
  • Jennifer Taylor 1st W60S

Thetford Thrash – Day1, 3rd Feb

  • Robin Campbell 1st, M70L
  • Ruby Campbell 1st, W70L

Thetford Thrash – Day2, 4th Feb

  • Peter Cheetham 3rd, M45S
  • Robin Campbell 1st, M70L
  • Charlotte Cheetham, 2nd, W45S
  • Alison Curtis 1st, W50S
  • Sally Pribul 3rd, W50S
  • Jennifer Taylor 1st, W60L
  • Ruby Campbell 1st, W70L

Chiltern Challenge, 4th Feb

  • Kostya Lutsenko 2nd M21S

NOR Single Dumpling Sheringham Park 11th Feb

  • Robin Campbell 2nd M70L
  • Jennifer Taylor 2nd W60L

SOS Regional Baddow Ridge, 18th Feb

  • Tom Edlesten 1st M60L
  • John Pearce 2nd M60L
  • John Duffield 3rd M60L
  • Carol Pearce 1st W60L
  • Jennifer Taylor 2nd W60L
  • Kostya Lutsenko 1st M21S
  • Peter Cheetham 2nd M45S
  • Tim Pribul 1st M55S (on one leg)
  • Colin Flint 2nd M60S
  • Alan Bearn 1st M65S
  • Helen Hampton 2nd W40S
  • Charlotte Cheetham 2nd W45S
  • Sally Pribul 2nd W50S
  • Rose Hampton 3rd Yellow
  • Robin Campbell 2nd M70L
  • Ruby Campbell 2nd W70L