StreetO Map Prints

Use the map and links below to download and print out StreetO maps and clue sheets, and go orienteering at a time to suit you!

If you would like your time recorded, follow the StreetO Anytime instructions below.

StreetO Anytime

Submit your answers and a link to a Strava (or similar service) link showing your route / time, and we will keep a table of completed runs and scores (1 hour time limit still applies). You must start and finish from designated starting point.

Maps Available

Please note that due to construction and other changes since the event, some control locations may no longer exist or have altered. Where known these are included in the Planners Notes, below. Please let us know if you come across such a control location so we can add it here.

[mapsmarker layer=”3″]

StreetO Anytime Table

When we receive the first Anytime StreetO returns from participants, we shall include a table here.