Orienteering Anytime

A permanent orienteering course means you can go at a time that suits you!

    CHIG’s Permanent Orienteering Courses

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    Hainault Forest Country Park: 51.613617, 0.131749
    Fairlop Waters: 51.593713, 0.106515
    Lee Valley: 51.703763, -0.021544
    Southern Country Park: 51.852428, 0.143852
    Harlow Town Park: 51.777559, 0.100293
    Beckton District Park: 51.517342, 0.043602
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    Hainault Forest Country Park
    Map Packs @ Hainault Forest Country Park Office (Foxburrows car park (centre of park, Grid Ref: TQ478929), Tel: 020 8500 7353) or the visitor centre. Cost £1. See Hainault Forest website for more info.
    Hainault Forest Country Park, United Kingdom
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    Fairlop Waters
    Maps from Fairlop Waters Bar/Restaurant or from the Outdoor Activities Centre. Cost £1.00. See Fairlop Waters website for more info.
    Fairlop Waters Country Park, Ilford, United Kingdom
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    Lee Valley
    Maps/score cards and post descriptions are available from the LVRPA Information Service, Stubbins Hall Lane, Waltham Abbey EN9 9EG. Tel 01992 702200 or from Lee Valley Youth Hostel, near Cheshunt station. Cost £0.75. See Lee Valley Park’s own website.
    Stubbins Hall Lane
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    Southern Country Park
    Three different course options available. Thorley Lane Car Park (Thorley Lane East, Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23. Download map [PDF format].
    Bishop/'s Stortford, United Kingdom
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    Harlow Town Park
    Details to follow
    Harlow, United Kingdom
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    Beckton District Park
    Details to follow.
    Beckton, United Kingdom

    The Harlow Town Park course has been designed by Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club, with the co-operation of Harlow Council and financial assistance from Harlow Recreation Trust and from Awards for All.

    Other Permanent Courses

    There are other permanent courses around the south-east of England – full details here.

    How it works

    1. Get a copy of the map (see details opposite), a small charge may apply. Bring a pen and paper with you.
    2. Find the Start on the Map (The Triangle).
    3. Using the map, decide which orienteering posts (See example in picture above) to find. Each post is marked on the map with a Red Circle.
    4. Go orienteering!
    5. Use the pen and paper to keep a record of the markers you have found and to write down the unique letter for each control.