Southern Championships 2012

23 September 2012 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Epping East
Jennifer Taylor

More details, including final details, here.




Epping East

Part of the Capital Weekend


Fast, open and undulating deciduous woodland with intricate detail.


1:15000 and 1:10000. Updated summer 2012 by Tom Edelsten.

Some previous maps are displayed – click on the map tab above.

Venue and Travel Details

The Assembly Area will be at Debden House Campsite, Debden Green, Loughton, Essex, IG10 2NZ.

Debden House is easily accessible from the Junction 26 of the M25 and Junction 5 (north only) of the M11. It will be signposted from the junction of the A121 and A1168 in Loughton. Parking £1.50 per vehicle. Coaches by arrangement with the organiser.

Public transport: Central Line Underground to Loughton or Debden and a short bus ride (number 20 or number 167, journey time of 6 mins approx). There are 4 buses per hour on Sundays. Alight at Drove Way, then 10-15 min walk to the event centre.

You can take your bike on the Central Line from Leyton onwards. From Debden station it is a 10 minute cycle to the event centre.

If you have a Network Card, the cheapest public transport option covering train, DLR, tube and bus is a Day Travelcard for Zones 1-6 at £5.60. Without a Network Card the cost is £8.50.


Parking is adjacent to the Assembly Area and Finish with toilets, catering, O equipment vendors, and space for Club Tents. There will be a String Course in the vicinity of the Assembly Area. As well as being able to warm up physically on the way to the starts, competitors will also be able to warm-up their technical skills using a special small mapped area near the Assembly fields.


There will be two starts, the furthest (for longer courses) approx 1km from car parking and assembly. Starts will be available between 10.00 am and 13.00 pm.


All BOF Area Championship courses from W/M10 A&B to W/M80 L& S (with the exceptions of W75S and W80S), plus Elite courses for W/M 18, 20 and 21.
Start Times – Fabian4 will be allocating the start times for this event. Please use the 5 options of start time preference V Early, Early, Middle, Late, V Late (or Any) if you have a preferred start time. Fabian4 also have a new “start near entry number” feature where you can link yourself up with other competitors (e.g. when sharing transport). The parent split start feature is available as normal – again use the start time preferences if one parent wishes to start before the other. Please only use the free text special request box as a last resort.

Course No Colour Coded Name Start Classes Est KM Map Scale
1 Black Far M21E 16.5 15,000
2 Far W21E 10.6 15,000
3 Far M21L 13.7 15,000
4 Far M35L, M40L, M20E, M18E 11.8 15,000
5 Far M18L, M20L, M21S, W21L 8.8 15,000
6 Far W35L, W40L, M35S, M40S, W18E, W20E 8.1 15,000
7 Far M18S, M20S, W18L, W21S, M21V, W20L 6 15,000
8 Far M45L, M50L 10 10,000
9 Far M55L, M60L 9 10,000
10 Far M16A 8 10,000
11 Far M45S, M50S, W45L, W50L, M65L 7 10,000
12 Far M55S, M60S, M70L, W55L, W60L, W16A 6 10,000
13 Far W18S, W20S, W35S, W40S, W21V 5.2 15,000
14 Near W45S, W50S, W65L, W70L, M65S, M75L, M80L 5.2 10,000
15 Near M70S, M75S, M80S, W75, W80, W85, W60S, W65S, W70S 3.7 10,000
16 Light Green Far M14A, M16B 6.1 10,000
17 Light Green Near W14A, W16B 4.3 10,000
18 Orange Near M12A, M14B, W12A, W14B 3.4 10,000
19 Yellow Near M10A, M12B, W10A, W12B 2.5 10,000
20 White Near M10B, W10B 1.9 10,000

Entry on the Day

There may be some limited entry on the day for Championship courses, subject to the availability of maps.

Colour-coded (non-championship) courses are also available: Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White. If you wish to guarantee a map for a colour coded entry on the day (“EOD”), CHIG will operate a map reservation system. We have operated this previously for our normal Level C & D events. We will guarantee the map until 30 minutes before the last start time. EOD entry fees for these colour coded courses (L Green, Orange, Yellow, White) will be £10 adult, £6 junior. We will try to arrange for an “express” lane for those who have reserved maps in advance.

If you are entering and want to guarantee a “colour-coded” EOD map for a junior or less competitive member of your household or traveling party, email Please include the competitor name, age class, BOF number (if relevant), SI card number or hire and a contact number. It would be helpful if you would identify any Championship entry, so that we can identify if there are late starts in your traveling party (and thus would hold your map till the very end).

Electronic Punching

Electronic punching using Sportident (SI) system.


Southern Championship trophies will be awarded to members of SWOA, SCOA or SEOA.

National Competitions

The Championships also count towards the UK Cup, UK Masters Cup and the Future Champions Cup.


Entries are capped according to the requirements of the Conservators of Epping Forest at 1,200. Early entry is therefore advised and colour coded courses will only be available on the day if this limit has not been reached. On-line entries are available through Fabian4.

Closing dates and entry fees

Seniors, BOF/IOF Seniors, non BOF/IOF members Juniors and full-time students
Entry by 3.6.12 £14 £16 £6
Entry by 22.7.12 £16 £18 £6
Entry by 16.9.12 £18 £20 £6


Planner – Mike Brett
Controller – Simon Errington, (HH)
Organiser – Jennifer Taylor,
Co-ordinator – Tim Pribul

Capital Weekend

The Championships form part of the Capital Weekend, together with the London City Race in the City of London on Saturday 22nd September. Chigwell and Epping Forest OC are also organising a Training Event at High Beach in Epping Forest on Friday 21st September 2012 for which entries will be available on the day.


Camping will be available at Debden House for the weekend, and for longer if you wish to prolong your visit to London in Olympic Year. There is also limited Bed & Breakfast (not ensuite) at the Centre which we have reserved for orienteers on a first come, first served basis. Please book through the Debden House website and state in your booking that you will be orienteering.
A list of other accommodation in the area is available by selecting the accommodation page.

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